EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Dr. S. Rajesh

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Information about EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Dr. S. Rajesh

Published on December 30, 2016

Author: eduexcellence2008


1. Child Friendly, Stress Free and Skill Centered Schooling Dr. S. Rajesh MA (Hist); MA(Eco); M.Ed (England); Phd Principal B M English School, Bangalore

2. An outline of schooling over the years • The Gurukula system • The advent of English education • The PSU/ Bank/ Civil Service centered education • The corporate, IT, US centered education in India currently

3. The system in India today • The “Prison Model” of Michel Foucault • Life skills and values take a back seat to grades and scores • Excessive importance to scores • If learning can be made interesting, so can evaluation • Evidential study at our school

4. The change agents • JK, Vivekananda, Gandhi, Aurobindo • Information overload • The unique you – does our education recognise this

5. Change the model • Input output model – The division of labour days • Knowledge known vs time well spent vs time wasted • Create motivation for REAL learning • Creating job seekers vs income generators

6. Initiatives in this regard • Lead the change – The RTE Issue • A flex is not our marketing tool • Competition vs Co Operation • Educating and sensitising parents • The Finnish and German models

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