EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Dr B Singh

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Information about EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Dr B Singh

Published on December 30, 2016

Author: eduexcellence2008


1. Parental Involvement & Handling A presentation by Dr B Singh Managing Director, Ourja a unit of educational consultancy & psychometric testing First recipient of CBSE National Award 2000 Member CBSE Helpline since its inception in 1997 Former Director Education, Principal n Sr Physics Teacher

2. Outline Few best practices Auction of pickles prepared from school orchard Registration of newly born by palhera govt school teachers 1. Introduction-background 2. Process-pre-requisites 3. Unique implementable strategies 4. Tangible and qualitative benefits 5. Summary-wrap up


4. Process-Pre-Requisites Process depends on 4 A’s 1. Approach 2. Attitude 3. Atmosphere n 4. Action Pre-Requisites are 1. Welcome n conducive environment 2. Well trained staff and students 3. Professionally governed programs 4. Two way communication system 5. Ample opportunity for all kind of parents

5. Unique implementable strategies 1. Variety of ptms-six/ten kind of ptms 2. Focused/thematic ptms 3. Volunteer service scheme 4. Inviting as rps, speakers, substitute trs, judges, experts 5. Summer camps ownership 6. Daily/weekly mails/e letters/sms 7. LMS System-RFID cards 8. Inviting parents in all festivals/major celebrations 9. Involving in various committees- academic, transport, safety 10. Parents corners in school, magazine, website, board

6. Conti…..11-20 11. Mother/Parents skill classes 12. EWS empowerment classes 13. Monthly/weekly logs-take away files 14. As escort in field trips/excursions 15. Watch dogs/feedback catalysts 16. Involving as members of CMG groups 17. Community out reach programs 16. Family days/grand parents days 19. Prabhat Ferries/March Pasts/Rallies 20. Programs with Govt/ Higher Education Bodies

7. Conti…21-30-Kind of PTMS 21. Orientation ptms 22. General ptms 23. Category wise ptms 24. Morning assembly time ptms 25. Ptms on skype/vidoe conf/speaker phones 26. Special ptms 27. Profession wise ptms 28. Home visit ptms 29. Colony meetings/ptms 30. Informal ptms

8. Conti…31-40 31. Nooker nataks-skits in chopals 32. Suggestion boxes in school n outsides 33. City offices/kendras 34. School hand book/almanac/diary 35. Whatsapp groups 36. Civic receptions n send offs 37. Hawan/pooja ceremonies 38. Social clubs/platforms 39. Morning assembly speakers/witnesses 40. Run for community welfare

9. Conti….41-50 41. Community lunch 42. Auction meets/melas 43. Civic farewells-inductions 44. Bridge course-foundation course 45. Chief guests/guest of honours-talk of town 46. Field tours/virtual classes 47. Alumni meets 48. Family therapies-indoors-outdoors 49. Staff outings 50. Counselor talks

10. Tangible & quantitative benefits 1. Attendance and grade improvement 2. Higher self esteem of students 3. Positive attitude towards school n education 4. Enhancing learning environment-life long learning 5. Improved national character n global citizenship 6. Shifting focus from literacy to real education 7. Better cohesion among society n school 8. Local needs taken care very well 9. More positive n open dialogue b/w home n school 10. Better branding and positive publicity of school

11. Summary-Wrap Up • Post conference brain storming sessions at all schools • Dividing list of 50 strategies into 3 categories-to be implemented instantly, to be discussed once again n to be taken up in due course/wef next session • Creating n implementing parents involvement pledge similar to the one given here • Good luck for creating environment of real learning rather than mere literacy

12. Parents involvement pledge/resolutions I/We the Parents of ku/ solemnly resolve that wef today, I/we will 1. Attend all PTMs/School Programs w/o fail with full preparation & documents 2. Grab opportunity to give positive strokes n restrain negative remarks, if any 3. Give quality time to our ward on daily basis-20-30 minutes 4. Sign all notebooks once in a fortnight on last page top margin 5. Acknowledge all remarks/notes/communications promptly & regularly 6. Approve home study plan/time table, style, place & time of study 7. Be physically present at study place for late night study, if any 8. Ensure punctuality and regularity in attendance and homework 9. Will also avoid taking leave unnecessarily as far as possible 10. Teach and motivate our ward for taking up one responsibility at home too

13. Your feedback and evaluation All the very best

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