EDUCARNIVAL 2016 at IIT DELHI - Presentation by Capt Sukhwinder Kaur and Prof. Pradnya Gaikwad

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Published on December 30, 2016

Author: eduexcellence2008


1. AUTHORS Capt Sukhwinder Kaur & Prof. Pradnya Gaikwad (MITSOM COLLEGE, PUNE) “Pedagogy for Effective Teaching” 9th – 11th Dec 2016

2. Outline of Content 1) Background 2) Problem Identification 3) Model for Effective Teaching 4) Implementation Strategies 5) Benefits 6) Summary

3. Background Education is the process of Facilitating learning. Teaching means interaction of teacher and students for guidance and learning. Methodology of Teaching is called Pedagogy

4. Problem Identification Pedagogy is an Art of communicating a message with impact on audience. Pedagogy is also a science influenced by principles, scientific methods and theories. Problem in effective teaching pedagogy is in treating learners as objects rather than people to be related to.

5. Working Model for Effective Pedagogy PEDAGOGY AS AN ART PEDAGOGY AS SCIENCE EFFECTIVE PEDAGOGY PRACTICES Creative Thinking Quality as facilitator Interaction with students Planning Content Scientific Methodology Research for Knowledge Creative & Innovation in delivery as per learning need Communication & Motivation Establishing Effective Relationship

6. Implementation Strategies Lecturing method should be used only for teaching factual content. Use of ICT should be maximized. The teacher should differentiate between learning styles of students. Adapt lecture delivery style, content and pace to the learning speed of students. Adopt informal, interactive and creative teaching style to be more acceptable by students. Acceptability impacts students interest in learning and participation.

7. Implementation Strategies Workshops, creative assignments, field visits and practical/project based assignments help effective learning.  Ensuring more time for research and learning (for teachers ) will improve teaching quality and pedagogy. Effective pedagogy is related to behavior, knowledge, understanding and maturity of teachers.

8. Benefits Adapting teaching style to the learning styles of students improves learning outcomes Creating conditions for effective learning based on understanding and empathy for students.

9. Benefits It benefits the educational institutions by building quality of learning and teaching.

10. Summary Planning lectures/ classroom sessions is a science while the delivery is an art. Effective Pedagogies involve clear thinking about long term learning outcome. Transformation towards higher achievement standards and better assessment of students using technology has put a lot of responsibility on teachers. We are on the threshold of new era with more engaging lessons; creatively and innovatively.

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