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Published on September 24, 2017

Author: amandaries

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Chapter 7 Increasing Learning by Using Note Taking Strategies: Chapter 7 Increasing Learning by Using Note Taking Strategies Amanda Ries The suggested audio platforms weren’t connecting to my camera/audio so for each slide I embedded my own audio recorded using power points audio. (fingers crossed it works) Six Steps of Notetaking : Six Steps of Notetaking sustain attention comprehend what the teacher is saying discriminate between critical and irrelevant information, paraphrase the information into a note format organize it in a coherent way record it readably and quickly Teaching Abbreviations : Teaching Abbreviations “ Suritsky (1992) interviewed 31 college students who had ELN about problems that they experienced with note taking. One of the main problems they listed was the inability to write fast enough , … ” (p.90) Teaching Summarizing : Teaching Summarizing Discrimination is enhanced when students know what to include and what to exclude in their notes. Memory is enhanced. Frustration is decreased when students can keep up with the lecture. Persistence is improved when students can finish their notes. Motivation is increased when students see increases in their exam grades. Note Taking Strategies : Note Taking Strategies Partial Graphic Organizer Notes Guided Notes Strategic Notes Brick and Mortar Notes Three-Column Personalized Notes Newspaper Notes Partial Graphic Organizer Notes : Partial Graphic Organizer Notes Confusion eliminated Memory enhanced Organization ensured Frustration lowered Motivation enhanced Guided Notes : Guided Notes Attention increased, students actively engaged Perception increased because three modalities are involved Discrimination between essential and nonessential information is increased because the teacher has guided the note taking process Confusion is decreased because the student is guided through the note taking process with three modalities involved Memory is increased if used with the daily review Strategic Notes : Strategic Notes Attention is enhanced because the students are actively engaged Memory is enhanced because students are required to activate prior knowledge and organize information and summarize it Confusion is reduced because of activating prior knowledge and organizing and summarizing strategies Organization is enhanced because the students’ notes are in a meaningful format Brick and Mortar Notes : Brick and Mortar Notes Attention is increased because the student is actively engaged in the note taking process Comprehension is increased because of the deep processing involved in creating questions from the notes Memory is increased because of the deep processing and the judicious review Three-Column Personalized Notes : Three-Column Personalized Notes Motivation is increased when students can relate academic content to their own lives and share it with their classmates Attention is increased when students relate content to their own lives or hear stories about their classmates Confusion is decreased when real-life stories exemplify abstract concepts Memory is enhanced when abstract concepts are anchored to students’ life experiences Newspaper Notes : Newspaper Notes Motivation is enhanced because identifying the Ws and H is less daunting than trying to process the material more globally Perception is enhanced by using all three modalities to process the material Discrimination is ensured by the highly explicit nature of the graphic organizer Sequencing the events correctly is ensured by the explicit method of recording the data Organization is enhanced by the very nature of the strategy and its graphic form Memory is enhanced by the explicit treatment of the material

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