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Information about Edmontosaurus

Published on March 20, 2009

Author: mschoenberger

Source: authorstream.com

EdmontoSaaurus“Edmonton lizard” : EdmontoSaaurus“Edmonton lizard” By: Macey How Do You Say Its Name? : How Do You Say Its Name? ed –MON-toe-sore-us Click to hear its name Where Was It Found? : Where Was It Found? Canada What It Looked Like : What It Looked Like 13m long 3.5 m High 3400 kg on 2 or 4 legs Horny beak,1000 grinding cheek teeth Cool Facts : Cool Facts Hard conifer needles, twigs and seeds have been found in their stomachs. Mummified specimens have some preserved skin, so we know its texture but not the colour.

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Edmontosaurus („Echse von Edmonton“, ehemals Anatosaurus) ist eine Gattung von ornithopoden Dinosauriern, die zu den Hadrosauriern gehört. Der flache ...
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Edmontosaurus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edmontosaurus (/ ɛ d ˌ m ɒ n t ɵ ˈ s ɔr ə s / ed-MON-toh-SAWR-əs) is a genus of hadrosaurid (duck-billed) dinosaur. It contains two known species ...
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Das einzige Originalskelett eines Edmontosaurus in Europa steht im Senckenbergmuseum. Bei diesem Exemplar ist selbst die Struktur der Haut durch einen ...
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By Bob Strauss. Name: Edmontosaurus (Greek for "Edmonton lizard"); pronounced ed-MON-toe-SORE-us. Habitat: Swamps of North America. Historical Period:
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Edmontosaurus info in JP:OG. Edmontosaurus is a 3-star large herbivore featured in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. They live around wetland/grasslands in ...
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Edmontosaurus was a large, plant-eating, duck-billed dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period. It had short arms, a long, pointy tail, three hoofed toes ...
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Edmontosaurus annectens is a species of flat-headed or saurolophine hadrosaurid ornithopod dinosaur (a "duck-billed dinosaur") from the very end of the ...
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Edmontosaurus is a hadrosaurid dinosaur species from the Maastrichtian, the last phase of the Cretaceous period, 71-65 million years ago. A fully-grown ...
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Edmontosaurus is one of the few dinosaurs that can chew, grinding veggies to pulp before swallowing.
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Learn about The Dinosaur Edmontosaurus, a member of the Ornithopoda Group, with KidsDinos.com.
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