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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: sharkey1996



Editing my Film Trailer

Uses of editing sound I had used royalty-free non-diegetic music on my film trailer. With this, I edited the music the way I wanted it by placing certain music in certain scenes professionally and efficiently. This created a more chilling atmosphere that conveyed the themes of constant terror much more efficiently. By using IMovie I was able to change the tempo of the music in order to hear the dialogue more clearly and not have the music overpower the scene. I used fade in and out in order for the music to not suddenly cut out when the music finished playing which made the trailer look and sound much more professional. Overall, I have developed and learned more skills in the editing process than I had before which has given me much more confidence in editing videos and being able to use sound to enhance the quality of them.

Use of transitions I have used transitions in-between scenes in my film trailer to break up certain scenes and to close out on scenes in a clear and professional manner. I also feel that these transitions make the film trailer flow a lot more easier inbetween scenes. I was able to control and edit how long these transitions lasted in order to keep the edits in the trailer at a constant pace thus giving it an essence of professionalism. These transitions also let me fit the conventions of the Post-Apocalyptic Horror Genre such as cutting to black which creates tension and helped me develop the horror aspect of the trailer as well.

Use of Texts and Titles I used text and titles in my film trailer in order to fit the conventions of a typical film trailer by including things such as the film’s tagline, the film’s title and the company that has produced the film in order to address to the target audience. These also break up the scenes which again is conventional of a traditional film trailer. They allow me to add exposition to what is going on and helping me fully develop the world that I am trying to create within my film trailer. By doing this I have further developed my technical skills in editing by being able to smoothly add titles in-between scenes when previously I was unable to.

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