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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: kriskirova

Source: slideshare.net

In Monday’s lesson, we all began editing our film opening of 'The Devil Inside' on the Final Cut Pro editing software. We've all used Final Cut Pro before so for us, it was really easy to edit and have our footage edited well. Whenever we'd go out of collage we would immediately take out the memory card and upload our footage onto the Video Drive.

In order to make editing less stressful we created two folders. One which was labeled 'Actual Footage' and the other 'Bloopers'. During this session Tarun took on the task of editing our footage. We had an idea to gather all of the potential footage and shots we were going to use and just place them in order and adding a little bit of space. Having to rearrange our footage made Tarun's editing job a lot easier and a lot more organised.

In our first day of editing, we began to edit Shannon waking up and getting out of bed, grabbing some milk and then walking in the bathroom and starting to apply her makeup for school. We tried to use as many shots as possible because, we wanted to show different shots which can establish our 'girly girl' character. Next, Tarun began to edit my scenes of me waking up and stretching, just grabbing my shoes and leaving the house. By this point we didn't even bother to add any sound because, it was only day one of editing and overall what we managed to do is just add all of our footage and begin to edit and crop some of scenes.

Editing day 1 was a blast and we had a lot of fun playing around with the footage. As always, Tarun did a fantastic job at taking the time and really carefully edit our scenes. Me and Shannon were sitting next to him and giving our opinion on things we should change and improve. Overall, we all contributed in editing and whenever we made major changed we'd all watch our clip and give ourselves feedback or ask the teacher or our peers.

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