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Published on April 26, 2018

Author: desiredsmiles

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: 13 WAYS TO NATURALLY WHITEN YOUR TEETH AT HOME slide 2: INTRODUCTION ➢Your smile is your calling card and is the first thing people notice about you. ➢Having a beautiful smile with white and attractive looking teeth can boost your confidence and self-esteem. ➢Tooth staining is a common cause of dissatisfaction that most people worry about at some point. ➢There are many natural ways by which you can whiten your teeth at home. ➢However it is advised to not try bleaching at home as it can damage your teeth enamel. slide 3: TIPS TO NATURALLY WHITEN YOUR TEETH ➢Practice good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day using toothpaste rich in fluoride. ➢Floss your teeth daily and use mouthwash which stops the bacteria and plaque build-up. ➢Chew sugar-free gums after every meal which increases the saliva production and also neutralizes the acids in the mouth. ➢Limit the intake of coffee red wine and carbonated beverages. ➢Avoid smoking cigarettes and other tobacco consumption. slide 4: TIPS TO NATURALLY WHITEN YOUR TEETH ➢Eat strawberries as they naturally whitens your teeth. They are also packed with antioxidants which protect your teeth from stains by fighting off the bacteria. ➢Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water every day. ➢Eat fiber-rich foods such as carrots cucumber broccoli and celery as these foods naturally scrub the teeth and remove stains. ➢Munching on an apple every day will naturally scrub teeth and boost saliva production cleaning your teeth. slide 5: TIPS TO NATURALLY WHITEN YOUR TEETH ➢Follow a healthy diet and avoid eating sugary food and beverages. ➢Eating pineapple naturally removes stains and polishes your teeth due to the presence of an enzyme called Bromelain . ➢Get more calcium from dairy products like milk yogurt and cheese. ➢Limit the number of times you eat each day to cut down on acid production. slide 6: Address: 2180 Itabashi Way Unit C Burlington ON L7M 5A5 Call: 905 637-5463 or 905 332-0105 Website: www.desiredsmiles.com BOOK YOUR FREE SMILE ANALYSIS TODAY At Desired Smiles we can instantly transform your smile and give you brighter teeth with our teeth whitening options. .

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