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Information about Edison Electric's Company Profile With Music & Sounds

Published on January 28, 2008

Author: OLA.TM

Source: slideshare.net


DOWNLOAD FILE. The world's best company profile in PDF format with fantastic embedded music and excellent voice-over narration. Just incredible work. **The nature of this media-rich PDF file requires that you download it rather than viewing it here. Size 17.5 Mb. Enjoy.

Edison Electric is leading the pursuit, continually innovating to address today’s challenges and anticipate the world’s future needs. As far as we are concerned, at Edison, the future is now. Al-Jazeera Satellite TV Interview: Seen by over 400 million people around the globe. Brief Arabic introduction about Mr. Abdulla Faris by Mr. Ahmed Mansour, TV host of the weekly premier program Bela-Hedoud, “Borderless - Sans Cadres” of Al-Jazeera satellite TV station. Doha, Qatar. Abdulla Faris Click here to start... faris@ edisoncorp.com Mobile: + (86) 139 2370 0474 Content: Facsimile + 1 (800) 886-0973 • Business Contact Page 2. Edison Electric. One vision, one mission, one company. 3. But, Things Are Changing... 4. Since The Beginning... 5. The Most Advanced: You! 6. Think Higher-Definition 7. Anytime..., Anywhere... 8. Olà™, Pristine Hygiene 9. Gilttea®. The Taste of Encounter 10. Sun Brewed Orphan™ • Thank You. 18/F, One IFC One Harbour View St. Central, Hong Kong, S.A.R. Phone: + (852) 8121 4269 Fax + (852) 3010 1788 Green-Line Paperless Business Communiqué FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Click Here To The following pages are voice-over narrated by media stars, along with Voice-Narrated For Your Convenience PLAY Sound/Music embedded musical masterpieces. For best experience, please consider the following recommendations: TRY THIS NOW. Pages that display this play icon include voice-over narration or music content. Click on the icon to start sounds and/or musicals. Prepare your computer’s sound for listening. For best results, and for protecting the privacy of others, we recommend using a good quality stereo earphones. Wherever there is www, clicking on the link will take you right to Proud Sponsor of: the page’s related website. Fi u s - f This file contain pages printable at high-resolution. vi le r e r pr e Use Acrobat ®’s navigation tools to browse through the profile. o t ex e c ch t e an d g To get in touch, contact Edison Trademarks Board: tm@edison.tm, f o e. r or through fax number: + 1 (800) 886-0973.

One vision, one mission, one company. IMPLEMENTING MEASURES ranked among the best in the industry involves not only being technologically innovative, but also being Green-Line meticulous about projecting plans to tally with Paperless Business Communiqué the resources of the markets – all the way to the manufacturing plant. Click Here To PLAY SUCH WORLD-CLASS POLICIES are put into Sound/Music effect to ensure that disciplined and judicious Edison Electric is leading the pursuit, continually rules create viable undertakings. The same innovating to address today’s challenges and formula also plays an important role in creating anticipate the world’s future needs. As far as we are a loyal team with a common goal towards concerned, at Edison, the future is now. global product deployment. COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE and constantly EDISON’S HIGHLY SKILLED and internationally surpassing our customers expectations, Edison diversified professionals come together Electric’s global mission is to provide an implementing state-of-the-art strategies to meet exemplary standard of quality service. market and consumer needs. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACHIEVE THIS through the development OUR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is a strong market This file is voice-narrated and manufacturing of superior products, for your convenience. presence, with emphasis on emerging in-depth inventory, professional marketing Click the yellow & black play button above to start economies suitable to take advantage of what the sound and music strategies, support and the most reliable masterpieces. commerce diligence has to offer. – Trusting in operational systems in distribution. Sound Contents: cycles as old as creation; and that “good 1. Stand Up... EDISON ELECTRIC IS A PIONEERING business ideas are good, no matter what the 2. Voice-over narration by TV host and announcer: multinational company and an industry state of the economy”. Peter Atkinson. incubator, with a primary goal to inherently EDISON ELECTRIC strives to maintain premier VISION & PHILOSOPHY 3. For The Quality of Your Life... A concert musical manufacture reliable, yet economically cost performance by media standards in an environment of integrity, star: Gina Taylor. effective, energy efficient and eco-friendly enrichment and enjoyment. Perpetuating products; and to maintain a strong presence Edison's marvelous history of fostering through a deep-rooted network of marketing beneficial ventures – to that of providing value channels. to society. THE SAME CREATIVE ENERGY used to evolve It is Edison's believe that this broad approach further innovations is also directed at the creates a healthy environment, which brings strategy of building a brand name of good magnificent fulfillment and energy to all those reputation, unsurpassed respectability and who invest their capital, effort and energy into excellent recognition. such endeavors. BUSINESS EDISON ELECTRIC provides the infrastructure TOGETHER, we believe that “Businesses like CATALYST to develop solid and resilient alliances with life, are not just about making profit. They’re high profile channels. about making a difference”. ITS KEY STRENGTHS ARE in the unparalleled TO ULTIMATELY TAKE PART in an inspiring technological achievements in the areas of global enterprise that brings pride, hope and research and development, technical expertise, promise to the future of man and their one and production, managerial, legal, logistics and a only home, planet Earth. core-marketing platform vital to the growing dominions at the consumer-level, cosmopolitan AS FAR AS WE’RE CONCERNED, at Edison, the and national-level projects. future is now. INSPIRED BY the metaphors of traditionally We invite you to visit us online 24 hours a day. owned and operated business models; Click to www.edisoncorp.com. – prosperous and thriving, yet prolific, with a sustainable business structure that can endure adverse market turns.

BUT, THINGS ARE CHANGING… Green-Line Ultimate eco-living treehouse. Paperless Business Communiqué BECAUSE SOLAR AND WIND RENEWABLE ENERGY are exquisitely done. Edison-GE ® is emerging to be number one under the sun. – It shines a ray of hope on every day. Edison-GE ® is a world-class top producer of solar photovoltaic and wind power generation systems, that are used for everything, from satellites to lighthouses, industrial applications to residential use. THROUGH ADVANCED ENGINEERING, listening to consumers and strong alliances with international partners, Edison-GE ® is leading the Click Here To industry as a major player in renewable green PLAY energy fields; and is involved in some of the Sound/Music most innovative solar and wind energy projects in the world. Edison-GE® IS COMMITTED EDISON-GE ® IS COMMITTED to achieving the Rays from the sun direct more highest potentials of bringing the benefits of energy on earth each day than the clean renewable energy to the world; and we pride ourselves for being the driving force planet's 5.9 billion inhabitants would behind production of clean electricity. consume in 27 years. AS SUCH, Edison-GE ® products contribute to environmental improvement in a very real way. Technology to convert this natural TOGETHER, we can take advantage of these self-replenishing energy source into natural renewable energies, which are inexhaustible resources to generate electric electrical power has been around for power. years, however, people make very little use of it. No environmentally harmful compounds. No fossil fuel pollution. No moving parts. For consumers, the installation of a solar No noise. or wind powered system used to be too No global warming. technical, and costs involved were too ... and No Hassle! high. Just clean, safe, reliable energy for living. BUT, THINGS ARE CHANGING… BECAUSE THE FUTURE IS NOW. It's about time to harness today the renewable green energy resources for a better tomorrow. Edison-GE ®. For the quality of life. CLICK Do you have what it takes to get the job done right? Longer Runtime. More Work. More Power. Lithium-Ion: TECHNOLOGY Super Battery Cells Decide for yourself. Click to play EXTREME announcement.

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE This file is voice-narrated Since The Beginning... for your convenience. Click the yellow & black FROM SAFETY, TO LIFESTYLE ENHANCEMENTS, a play button below to start sound. significant benefit for virtually any facility in hotels, airports, school systems, tall buildings, public We’re not about to give you more wired-technology. We’re about to free transportation systems and municipalities. From you from the ones you already have. home and business spotlights, to motor vehicle- lights. In fact, they are deemed to be the perfect brilliant components for tactical search and rescue safety and light illumination tools. EDISON-OPTO ® LEDs-based lighting is increasingly enhancing the quality of life; and is helping to protect millions of people's property and SINCE THE BEGINNING, Edison ® has been communities every day. known to turn imaginative ideas into leading products. THANKS TO EDISON-GE ®'s extensive research and development, and ongoing commitment toward renewable energies, – one of the greatest untapped Whether at homes, factories, offices, airports, resources, whether used to obtain a refreshing glass or on the street. It's hard to imagine a place of chilled water, or lighting the darkness. where Edison ®’s innovations are not present. TALK ABOUT Edison ®’s forward-thinking ideas. And on your travels around the world, whether Such as the PD™ wireless charging system for Click Here To passing by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Walking electronic handheld mobile devices and flashlights. PLAY Sound/Music across London's Tower Bridge, or witnessing the Which means wireless transmission and induction of beauty of the ancient Sphinx, and Pyramids of electric current wirelessly! Egypt. – A TECHNOLOGY Edison ® aims to deploy on –YOU DON'T HAVE TO WONDER ANYMORE who helped light these famous landmarks! toll-roads and highways, inducting electric current to moving cars in real-time mode. THINKING AHEAD… ... IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES! HOW ABOUT silent motors, such as the one used in EDISON ELECTRIC ® stands at the forefront of new-era the world’s first silent hair-dryer from Edison ®. technologies. Focused on the future of energy’s security. Just look at the cost and the long-term global concerns of traditional YOU SEE, the outcome of Edison ®’s R&D is energy sources. completing the picture and is now being harnessed more efficiently to illuminate Edison-Opto ®’s WE REALIZED we had to develop practical, yet synergic, LED-based bright lighting products for everyday use. long-lasting light illumination technologies, that can effectively save power, and take advantage of the advanced energy THE CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT to world-class solutions Edison ® owns today. manufacturing techniques and production cost-control is enabling us to deliver superior, and WE ACHIEVED this by bringing into our company's energy cost-effective products that address consumers portfolio, the broadest possible range of technologies that work demands for the 21st century. together in perfect harmony. EDISON ELECTRIC ® MADE IT A PRIORITY to OUR JOURNEY requires breakthroughs and thinking. Among exploit future sciences now, and to remain at the these true innovations, is the manufacturing of our own cutting-edge of technology frontiers. Covering the Edison-Opto ® patented, high-intensity, bright Light Emitting full-spectrum of lighting and energy solutions. Diodes, that won’t burn out. Imagine, a bright light-bulb you Responding to all levels of energy-generating never have to change again! demands, from base-load to times of peak energy usage; and from handheld flashlights, to the next EDISON-OPTO ®'s bright LEDs are revolutionizing the lighting generation of domestic, and industrial lighting. and security industry, consume far less energy than traditional lighting-bulbs with unsurpassed lifetime cycles; and are used IT IS ALSO EDISON ®'S PROUD TRADITION of today for everything. assuring that such benefits will be felt by peoples globally throughout this century. EDISON ®, http://www.edisonelectric.tw for the quality of life. The World’s First 100w-Edistar/LS Street Cold-Light.

Green-Line Paperless Business Communiqué Sonny F. Morea – [Saverio] LRV Project Ex-Manager NASA My name is Sonny Morea, and I was a Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) project manager for NASA. WE USE Engineering expertise to help launch // AIRCRAFT SATELLITES. I remember when we were designing, we Click Here To knew it had to be aluminum, incredibly PLAY Sound/Music strong, yet 40% lighter than steel. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE This file is voice-narrated for your convenience. Click the yellow & black // SHIPS play button to start sound. And, it cost some forty-million dollars, and that’s when forty-million dollars was a lot of money. // FIGHTER PLANES Yep, we’ve come a long way since the space-age. And everything we build, is designed around ONE HUGELY COMPONENT,

Not just HD. Think Higher-Defenition! FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE This file is voice-narrated for your convenience. Click the yellow & black play button to start sound. Green-Line Paperless Business Communiqué IT ISN’T JUST HIGH-DEFINITION. IT’S HIGHER-DEFINITION. WITH THE ABILITY TO CREATE environments of unparallel depth and complexity. Where every vivid detail is rendered with a striking level of realism and beauty. AND WITH A DEDICATED graphics chip called the RSX, or “Reality-Synthesizer” can perform nearly 2-trillion calculations per second. THE MOST DRAMATIC VISUAL EFFECTS are rendered instantaneously, like never before, at full 1080pi definition, and delivered uncompressed via HDMI, the highest quality video and audio connector available. THIS IS A PIXEL. What’s power without control? It is the basic building block of all electronic Think Higher-Defenition! images. FROM THE HEAT OF BATTLE, to the fog of war. What is that means exactly? THE SMALLEST POSSIBLE DETAIL. Click Here To PLAY – Let’s stop things for a moment. Sound/Music AND THE MORE PIXELS, the more vibrant the image. THOUGH, IT may look like an ordinary microchip, it is the digital soul that is the A PICTURE THAT’S 10x times the quality of future. It all comes down to processing a traditional TV. –An image of startling power. The faster you think, the more things realism and intense color, that put you at the you can think about; and that makes you heart of the action, FOR THE EXPERIENCE smarter. you can really feel. WHICH IS WHY the microchip processe- simultaneously multiple tasks in parallel. Everything, from physics to lighting, navigation to artificial intelligence. – All processed in the blink of an eye; while a normal cell can only handle a single task, at any given time. ABSOLUTE CONTROL is now in your hands. BE CAREFUL the power doesn’t go to your head! Click here to visit ALi’s website:

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE This file is voice-narrated for your convenience. Green-Line Click the yellow & black Paperless Business play button to start sound. Communiqué CONGRATULATIONS on your discerning assessment, and decision to consider an illumination tool from Edison Electric ®. Click Here To PLAY Sound/Music NOW, YOU CAN experience the brilliant power and ruggedness of a tactical search and rescue quality safety light, from Edison-Opto ® light emitting diodes (LEDs), that don't burn-out through the lifetime of the product; –all in the palm of your hand... Anytime... Anywhere! CONGRATULATIONS WHETHER IT'S NAVIGATING the most extreme expedition task, to simply illuminating your way around the house. – Whenever needed, Edison®'s portable lights, may just be the most rugged, safe, versatile, and most useful lighting product you will ever own. THROUGH EMPLOYING the latest microchip technologies by our research and development engineers, and manufacturing of Edison-Opto ® bright LED-lamps. The quality and commitment to innovation are constantly applied, resulting in manufacturing techniques improvement, and production cost control; – which ultimately mean, a guaranteed and affordable state-of-the-art light illumination tool... Every time. Edison®, for the quality of life.

World-Class Fabric Olà!™, Pristine Hygiene... Detergent Powders Super Green-Line Paperless Business Communiqué TREASURED as the most precious of hygiene Professional Click Here To detergents and botanicals. Classic PLAY Sound/Music Made with a slice of Olà's soul and revered by people the world over. Extra Olà!™, is life's simple secret word for keeping clean and healthy. — The only choice for discerning users of fine detergents. Olà!™, is so radiant. As unique as you are. The Golden beauty endures. Just think of it as nature with a modern twist. Olà!™, Pristine Hygiene. Health Liquid Fabric Detergents Dishwashing Bleach Antiseptic Fabric Softener Shampoo & Conditioner ola@ola.tm

Tea, in most of its known forms, has been part of Eastern cultures long before it was documented in the 10th century for its magnificent health benefits by legends, such as physician and philosopher, sheikh Green-Line Paperless Business Ibn Sina [Avicenna, 973-1037]. Communiqué Despite this long association, its consumption was limited to therapeutic uses, and as urban beverage of the elite-class. Perhaps, tea was only within the reach of the privileged-some. With the advent of social transformation brought about by frequent travelers, pilgrims and merchants, the demand for innovative, sophisticated specialty herbaceous beverages became more apparent. Today, there is greater willingness to find modern expression through conspicuous taste. The proliferation of celebrated brands, such as Gilttea®, helped tea to be perceived as an aspirational product and a lifestyle statement. In recent years, research reveals that consumer awareness of tea’s medicinal properties had increased significantly among users. Now, more than ever, tea drinkers are seeking the associated health benefits of tea drinking. From the preventive effect attributed to tea's flavonoids, which neutralise the harmful effect of free radicals, bone-strengthening fluoride, powerful antioxidants that help improve blood’s Gilttea®, The Taste of Encounter vessels ability to relax, to preventing of the so-called bad cholesterol, or LDL, which may promote hardening of the arteries. –All the way to tea substance that can keep blood from clotting too much. Yet, discerning tea drinkers who consume tea on regular basis, want more than just “water colouring leaves”, –they want an entire healthy drink experience and aromatic flavours; and it is here where Ratex Health’s Gilttea® comes in. Clearly, herbal teas demand is blossoming and consumption is continually on the rise, representing a huge opportunity, in which key brands in the class of Gilttea® play a significant role in driving this growth. As Gilttea® takes on by mobilising seek-and-report mission brigades, we target and acquire premium-class tea crops from carefully selected geo-spots, catering swiftly to the demand of the ever- growing consumer base of our tea lines. Today, to many people, Gilttea® is becoming an integral part of their daily lives. The result is more than just tea business –what emerges is a trusted and powerful brand with loyal clientele-base, on a par, no other trade-name can equal.

Ratex Health’s Orphan™ Green Tea is our signature member of Gilttea® Porter’s Locust Tea line. A family of rich and intense herbal teas that are synonymous with the Green-Line Paperless Business Communiqué very best. Aptly named “soul of the purist of teas”. Orphan™ Green Tea traces its roots back to the centuries-old school of tea trade, plantation and preservation owed to connoisseur Eastern cultures, – the origin hotbed lands of poetry, love, music, writing, mysticism, revolutionary customs, and of course fine tea. Inspired by such rich history. We have single-handedly taken on the challenge to yield people's attention to the simple pleasures of warm, friendly and inviting encounters that are coupled with the taste of fine tea drinking experience. Obsessed by a passion for perfection, for this defines our trusted brand, we source only premium and select-class quality, – the healthiest, yet tender foliage of the finest green tea leaves available. To live up to this promise, and for all-time aromatic indulgence, we scientifically preserve each pouch, one pack at a time, for an odyssey, a journey and an adventure from field’s plants right on to your table. For the experience that will make anyone return for more. Enjoy sharing the great taste of Orphan™ Green Tea with family, friends, colleagues, guests, the people next door, their neighbors, –well, just about anyone. Even if you are by yourself, here, we went to great lengths to bring you the finest of teas to keep you company. Well, at last count, as the pleasing scent of Orphan Green Tea permeates all over. ™ At shelves of fine stores. On home, office, and thriving eateries tables, should you have any trouble finding the radiating source of the Orphan Green Tea’s aroma in your ™ neighbourhood, we suggest you simply follow the smell-sense of your nose, or mouse-click to triple W, dot-Gilttea-dot com.

Thank You. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE This file contains official company melody for your enjoyment. Click the yellow & black Green-Line play button below to start Paperless Business sound. Communiqué Click Here To PLAY Sound/Music THIS IS A GREAT TIME FOR OUR COMPANY WE ARE A COMPANY THAT TURNS CHALLENGES INTO OPPORTUNITIES. It has been a time of anticipation, as we have prepared to make our growth-metrics We have the breadth of know-how, solid TOTAL CAPABILITY irreversible. –A transformation that will sustainable structure, and the experience commence historic performance, in a more to foster strategic advantages. vibrant world with fast-growing markets. • OUR ENTIRE line of products have • OUR EXPERIENCE taught us that you just field-proven track records for durability, have to do your best without making and reliability that is recognized as the excuses. –And we never offer excuses. best in the industry. • OUR PERFORMANCE has always been • TECHNOLOGY IN OUR GENES. Science acceptable by any standard, but our own. and technology drive and fuel our valuable growth. We simply leverage technology towards a Total-Capability strategy.

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