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Information about EdificationFINALdraft

Published on October 24, 2008

Author: FMSU

Source: authorstream.com

THERE IS A NETWORK…:  THERE IS A NETWORK… That has 2,000,000 people in it Is in over 87 countries Turns –over £6-Billion per annum BUT Most of it’s people lose money AND they pay a fortune for training AND YET MOST STAY IN IT… WHY Do they stay?:  WHY Do they stay? The leaders of their organisation understand and profit from the real meaning and use of one little word: EDIFICATION Edify - instruct or improve morally or intellectually.   — ORIGIN Latin aedificare ‘build’. NATURAL EDIFICATION:  NATURAL EDIFICATION Happens when you move on Happens when you do the right things Happens if you’re a ‘nice’ person BUT It quickly wanes Is often replaced with jealousy IT NEEDS TO BE DELIBERATELY DONE EDIFY BY YOUR ACTIONS:  EDIFY BY YOUR ACTIONS Be early, stay late & look for ways to serve – Be a ‘junkyard dog’ NEVER pass negative & Avoid the 4 ‘C’s – “One finger out = three fingers back” Build up/defer to the bigger pin – A practical demonstration – Can’t blow your own trumpet! NEVER EMBARRASS YOUR UPLINE Praise – NEVER miss a chance to praise and pass on credit Be up – Even when down – 90% don’t care, 10% glad EDIFY IN YOUR MIND:  EDIFY IN YOUR MIND It has to be GENUINE Look for reasons Can’t say anything good = SHUT UP! EDIFY IN YOUR HEART:  EDIFY IN YOUR HEART Don’t turn it on & off - Practice Do it at home – partner/kids Do it at work – boss/colleagues Do it on your enemy/ makes them look worse Create bonds - Hugs ‘n’ kisses GOLDEN RULE: DON’T SAY WHAT YOU DON’T WANT EDIFICATION:  EDIFICATION DO IT RIGHT & IT BECOMES THE ‘GLUE’ OF YOUR BUSINESS

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