Edible Edinburgh presentation for Doors Open Day 2015

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Information about Edible Edinburgh presentation for Doors Open Day 2015

Published on September 24, 2015

Author: SoilAssocScot

Source: slideshare.net

1. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Edible Edinburgh: sustainable food city partnership Cllr Lesley Hinds – Chair of Edible Edinburgh Emma Witney – Edible Edinburgh Development Officer September 2015

2. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Sustainable Edinburgh 2020 Engaging with our city’s future

3. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Food and Sustainable Development o Poverty and Inequality o Wellbeing o Land and Environment o Waste o Economy

4. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Why a Sustainable Food City?

5. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Edinburgh’s People

6. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Edinburgh’s Economy

7. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Education

8. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Successful Edinburgh

9. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Challenges of improving health

10. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Food Poverty

11. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Food waste

12. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Scotland 2015: Year of Food and Drink

13. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Climate Change

14. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Recipe for Success

15. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk How do we become a Sustainable Food City?

16. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Public Sector Leadership and Procurement

17. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Edinburgh Food for Life Partnership (EFFLP) Pilot Project to: o Identify and tackle barriers to providing increased levels of seasonal, fresh, local, higher welfare and organic food within public sector catering. o Achieve the Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark in selected sites. o Engage children and young people, parents, patients, students and staff to increase knowledge of where their food comes from. o Evaluate the measurable impacts of the changes made.

18. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk The FFL Catering Mark  No undesirable additives and hydrogenated fats  At least 75% of dishes on the menu are freshly prepared  All meat is from farms which satisfy UK welfare standards  Eggs are from cage-free hens (free range from 2015)  Menus are seasonal and in-season produce is highlighted  Catering staff are supported with skills training and are engaged in food education  No GM ingredients  No fish are served from the Marine Conservation Society ‘fish to avoid’ list  Information is on display about food provenance  All suppliers meet appropriate food safety standards  Caterers in schools, early years and residential settings meet nutrition standards/guidelines  The Food for Life Silver and Gold Catering Mark Standards, in addition to meeting the Bronze standard, require additional points which address three core principles.  Sourcing ethical and environment-friendly food  Championing local producers  Making healthy eating easy

19. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Partnership o Transition Edinburgh South CCF Project o NHS Lothian o Community Food & Health Scotland o Iglu Bar & Restaurant o City of Edinburgh Council o Edinburgh Voluntary Organisation Council o SRUC –Scotland’s Rural University College o Nourish Scotland o Scotland Food & Drink o Stirfresh o Soil Association Scotland o Edinburgh Community Food o Edinburgh College o Queen Margaret University o Sodexo o Zero Waste Scotland o University of Edinburgh o NFU Scotland o ELREC – Edinburgh and Lothian Race Equality Council

20. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Edible Edinburgh ‘Edinburgh is a city where good food is available and accessible for all, making for healthy people, thriving communities and a sustainable environment.’

21. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Feeding the 5,000 – Winning Support

22. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Policy o Validate the sustainable food agenda, raise awareness and engage across sectors. o Influence and inform policy, engage and educate decision makers and activists. o Connect, integrate and improve coordination between policies, programmes and practice; e.g. planning system, procurement, climate change and adaptation plans, etc. o Communicate across and between sectors to raise awareness, and inform new ways of thinking around food and integrated issues. o Create visibility of all aspects of sustainable food agenda, supporting existing activity and encouraging new. Establish Edible Edinburgh as a collective identity to give coherence to the issue of sustainable food, to foster aspiration and stimulate growth. o Identify and address gaps, initiating new programmes where resources allow or seeking resources for this.

23. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Strategy The Edible Edinburgh Sustainable Food City Plan

24. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Strategy - Vision Edinburgh is a city where good food is available and accessible for all, making for healthy people, thriving communities and a sustainable environment

25. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Strategy - Outcomes o More fresh, healthy and sustainable food eaten o Fewer people living in food poverty o Our natural environment and resources are protected and conserved with fewer emissions o A thriving food economy with greater diversity in local food production and distribution o A transformed food culture with greater awareness and skills

26. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Strategy - Aims o Health and Well being o Land Use o Environment o Buying Food o Economy o Cultural Change

27. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Strategy - Objectives and Actions Sustainable Food City Action Plan

28. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Strategy – Priority Action on Food Poverty

29. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Governance Systems

30. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Action on Food Poverty • Glasgow/ Edinburgh Food Poverty Group • Council Leaders and the Directors of Public Health statements • UK SFC Beyond Food Banks campaign;

31. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Action on Food Poverty – our approach • listen to local voices • tap into the influence of politicians and policy maker • make alliances and take action beyond Edinburgh • don’t reinvent the wheel

32. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Supporting Community Food Initiatives

33. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Sustainable Food City Charter

34. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Influencing Policy • Becoming a Good Food Nation • New approaches to tackling Food Poverty

35. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk What next? • Addressing Food Poverty • Promoting Land for Community Growing • Reducing Food Waste • Supporting Food Hubs • Promoting Community Action • Support for Food for Life

36. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Food is everybody’s business!

37. @EdibleEdin www.edible-edinburgh.org.uk Thank You http://www.edible-edinburgh.org/ Follow us on Twitter @EdibleEdin

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