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Information about EDI WS API ECGridOS Web Services

Published on October 9, 2009

Author: awilensky

Source: slideshare.net


ECGridOS is a step up from VAN services, because your application code can directly invoke any function for managing trading partners, mailboxes, message transit, and network operations. There are 78 carefully crafted functions in ECGridOS.

Embedded EDI Communications Drop A VAN into your Code Presented by:Todd Gould, President Loren Data Corp. Sector Research by: Alan Wilensky, Analyst bizQuirk

Overview Loren Data Corp. is a 23 yr. veteran of connected e-commerce Operates ECGrid®- Since 2001, a trusted provider of interconnect management services between VANs, e-commerce hosts, and major supply chain hubs. ECGrid® - Provides internetwork management and messaging reliability service enhancements to 65 VANs and e-commerce networks. A Total of 80 major interconnects, and 14,000 unique trading partners rely on ECGrid for traffic routing services. ECGrid®= Routes to 600,000 Trading Partner QID’s © 2009, 2

Loren Data Corp Introduces: ECGridOS - the programmer’s API gateway to ECGrid®. With ECGridOS, any program, SOA / ESB/ SAAS / PAAS, can control every aspect of EDI communications. Every Aspect

API Now ! https://ecgridos.net/v2.1/prod/ecgridosv0201.asmx Get Developer Credentials: developers@ecgrid.com ✓ ECGridOS EDI API ✓ WSDL / SOAP ✓ Superior Integration ✓ 78 Functions ✓ More robust than FTP / AS2 ✓ Ideal for Hosted Platforms ✓ Ready Now

Better than FTP & AS2, a code level, drop-in VAN 78 API functions to control every aspect of EDI communications function, creating the potential for new and innovative services. Manage mailbox and user accounts, trading partners, networks, interconnects, upload /download messages, tracking with message manifests, and detailed reports. Bring full administrative control to the desktop (and back-end) for configuration, test, and production. Make EDI communications integral, rather than relying on external systems. ECGridOS encompasses the benefits of both hubs and VANs, with routes to over 600,000 partner QID’s, 80 Major commerce networks, and integrated trading partner lookup via the API. 2009,3

Old Way / New Way Improve the End User Process with ECGridOS VAN Limitations: ECGridOS: ➡ No Programmable interfaces ➡ Powerful, Programmable, Configurable, and Integrated ➡ Code-Level control of All Administrative Functions ➡ Manual Administration via arcane process (external web ➡ Code Level User Account and Mailbox Administration page) ➡ Code Level Handling of Errors and Delivery Exceptions ➡ Each VAN Uses Different Conventions. ➡ Network Owner Level of Admin Authority ➡ Status Reporting Relies on ➡ Reduced complexity with one interface External Web Page. ➡ Send, Receive, Track, Report End-to-End ➡ No Customization, Integration, or interoperability. ➡Years of Network Ops Experience, delivered as a configurable and customizable EDI communications tools suite ➡ Limited or No Automation. ➡Build EDI into your products - don’t bolt it on! © 2009, 4

Hot Button VANs ECGridOS API Notes Integrates via any IDE Provides a Unified Integration and Very Limited, Uses External Logical Program or Web Services Programability Web Interfaces Interface for consumer Customization Admin Functions (Users, Almost always external web True Integrated Admin Use ECGridOS to define Mailboxes, Trading page or phone support, forms, functions. Role-Based delivery of admin Partners etc. access. functions to your specs API based Expert Fast response to By Request to Netops, via System. Rapid interconnect requests Interconnect Management email, forms, phone, Interconnects.Rich via API, most return Control and Status Data ‘Completed’ status End-to-End tracking via ECGrid Live Data. Tracking Limited to Success detailed manifests, Status, Traffic . Use Traffic Management or failure, arcane data message status at each for alarms, alerts, and retrieval waypoint Data Feeds Extensive Directory Closed Routing, Opaque Rules, Total Control over Routing Transparency service, lookups,and no Lookup routes and interconnects listings. Rich reporting in any format, rapid Reporting after the fact, Entire API Class for compilation and Reports and Stats fixed formats or inflexible Reports, Data, Message integration of live source data Stats, create your own statistics with capital line of business systems

Embedding EDI Communications Services  What’s in the WSDL? WSDL= A Description of API Services. Not for light reading ...it is for Integrated Development Environments or Integration Platforms to Import functions. API Families: System Access & User Management APIs for control of login/logout and other basic system access functionality. Network/Mailbox Management APIs to create and maintain Networks and Mailboxes Trading Partner ID Management Add, edit, delete and manage Trading Partners assigned to a specific Network/Mailbox. Interconnect Management Create and manage Interconnects between IDs throughout the ECGrid Network. Carbon Copy Management APIs to manage Carbon Copy interchanges for Trading Partner pairs. Parcel Management APIs to send and receive mailbags, interchanges and other payloads over the ECGrid Network. Reports Various system reports. © 2009, 5

Case: Adding A QID to ECGrid & Establishing an Interconnect to a VAN-based Trading Partner Host Program Calling and Return Param Example Session API Function Params Returns Login() LoginName -Password SessionID string (GUID) TPAdd() (Self)1 SessionID (GUID) User Defined QID Description ECGridID TPSearch()2 SessionID (GUID) QID ECGridIDInfo Collection3 InterconnectAdd() SessionID (GUID) ECGridID Source/Dest Reference InterconnectID Logout() SessionID (GUID) Notes: 1 - Not required if owner’s QID has been previously mapped to ECGridID 2 - Example assumes QID exists in ECGridID routing table 3 - A TPSearch() that returns a (null) result is handled with a simple routine using NetworkList()(to find VAN NetworkID)and TPAddVAN()to acquire ECGridID © 2009, 6

ECGridOS Network Advantages ➡ 23 Years of Network Operations Experience Carefully Distilled into 78 powerful functions. ➡ Callable by any code asset, IDE, Web Services Consumer, ESB, SOA ➡ Confers the power of a VAN upon your application. Create users, mailboxes, interconnects. ➡ Loren Data Corp Network Operations is the e-commerce industry’s most experienced network operations team. ➡ Trusted by Electronic Commerce Service providers to manage and migrate QID’s, interconnects, and perform certificate maintenance. ECGridOS is the only API to offer complete control of trading partners, ubiquitous routing to any QID, single program attachments via SOAP, and more to come for certificate management and canonical commerce documents. © 2009 Page 7

Contact Loren Data Corp for Developer Accounts Interested in Getting Started? Questions about applications, partnerships, co-ventures, industry trends and topics: Get a Developer Account: Contact Alan W. developers@ecgrid.com partners@ld.com (412) 353-9269 API Docs on Line Loren Data Corp ECGridOS.net Call: ECGridOS.com Website (813) 426-3355 (800) 745-6736 © 2009, 8

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