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Published on January 29, 2016

Author: PaulinaKordonis

Source: slideshare.net

1. PAU L I N A K O R D O N I S Collaboration and Communication

2. Our Sorority: Alpha Phi on Clemson University’s Campus  We currently have 232 members ranging from Freshman to Seniors  Since we are such a large group, it is difficult to always communicate effectively  As officers switch out each year, documents are lost in transition and communication becomes lost  With effective media tools, our officers could communicate more effectively with each other and the entire chapter!

3. Reasons for Collaboration  Collaboration is imperative to the success of any organization  Without positive collaboration there is little hope for growth within the organization that we have dedicated so much time and effort  If the officers in our organization do not collaborate well, the work that is completed during their term will not be useful for future officers  With effective media tools, the officers that follow each year can continue the progress made over the previous year!

4. Current Problems  Each year as our officers switch over and a new term begins, documents are lost and not being passed down to the incoming officers  Most officers keep their department documents on their personal computers and during officer transitions documents get lost along the way  If this became less of a problem, the new officers could focus more on other aspects of their departments instead of recreating documents that had been created previously

5. The Importance of Using Media Tools  For the new officers that take over this term, we should use media tools that will allow them to collaboratively create documents  The officers could work together to improve the documents that were in place so that our organization can run even more effectively  They could also determine the best way to store these documents for future officers so that our organization can continue to grow  To effectively collaborate as a team, it would also be beneficial for the officers to use media tools that make communication easier!

6. Media Tools to Be Used  Google Docs  The use of Google docs will allow officers within each department to collaborate on their specific events  These documents will also allow executive board members to better communicate with us as an entire chapter For example: Officers can create documents for members to use when they want to sign up for events. This way officers will know who is attending and the same documents can be used year after year The best part is that it is FREE!

7. Media Tools to Be Used  GroupMe  This media tool can be used to allow officers to communicate as a group and it is much more efficient than using group text messages or email  It can hold as many individuals as you want in one single group message  The members of the group can also “like” other officers messages if they agree with a decision or topic discussed  Example: If quick decisions and topics need to be discussed, officers can respond like text messages no matter what type of phone they have  The best part is that it is FREE!

8. Media Tools to Be Used  Basecamp  This media tool allows the administrator to create different department tabs so that each department can have their own section to discuss information  An officer can only view the information that is in her department and she can add documents that can be saved for use by a future officer  This tool is great to collaborate on because it allows the officers to communicate in a single forum that notifies you, through email, when a new message thread has been created or a response has been posted  The media tool is not free, but it is a great tool because documents can be stored so that they do not get lost in future transitions!

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