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Published on February 23, 2018


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Project Statement: Project Statement ED3511 The University of Northern Iowa wanted to update its 40+ year old education building into an environment that educates future teachers to inspire and prepare learners to live in an ever-changing, globalized world. DLR Group’s design fosters and promotes creativity, collaboration and communication through the careful integration of adaptable, technology-rich environments that encourage interaction amongst students, faculty and the community. The design establishes several breakout areas with readily configurable furniture that enables students to quickly congregate and collaborate. Informal learning spaces are ‘carved out’ of corridors and main thoroughfares to create nodes where students cross paths in a natural way that creates a welcoming community feel. The first and second floors are connected by a series of open stairways that encourage greater interaction between the high traffic student commons area and the more formal faculty areas. Floor Plans: Floor Plans ED3511 LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 KEY Building Section: Building Section ED3511 Natural light into Student Commons through added clerestories & upgraded ceiling finishes New floor openings and community stair to promote vertical circulation, student collaboration and visual connections Wayfinding through the use of color Project Concept: ED3511 Project Concept The existing building for this project held several existing architectural elements and finishes relating to the fragmented patterns seen in a Kaleidoscope. In the new renovation, Designers used this as inspiration when creating the overall material palette and the cohesive strategy for wayfinding in order to promote maximum student collaboration. Color Theory Diagram: Color Theory Diagram ED3511 Due to the complexity of the existing building and lack or orientation, color theory was studied to implement strategic wayfinding corresponding with each wing of the project. Each color serves a purpose and takes cues from University branding as well as Community context. The University’s main color of purple was used at the main Commons space and the vertical circulation stair that acts as a hub for gathering. Material Palette: Material Palette ED3511 Integration of Kaleidoscope concept through the use of materials and ceiling patterns Image 1: Image 1 ED3511 Image 2: Image 2 ED3511 Image 3 : Image 3 ED3511 Image 4: Image 4 ED3511 Image 5: Image 5 ED3511 Image 6: Image 6 ED3511 Image 7: Image 7 ED3511 Image 8: Image 8 ED3511 Image 9: Image 9 ED3511

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