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Published on July 16, 2009

Author: rachelboyd



Rachel Boyd
Keynote presentation for Eastnet Cluster Expo, Auckland, New Zealand
16 July 2009

eConfidence & Connection Inspiring and scaffolding our students through eLearning Rachel Boyd Eastnet Cluster Expo, 16 July 2009

Rachel Boyd

7 years

Year 2 Classroom teacher

ICT & eLearning Leader

Nelson Central School

Nelson ICT Cluster - 3rd year

eLearning Learning and teaching that is facilitated and supported through the smart use of information and communication technologies Enabling the 21st Century Learner: An eLearning Action Plan for Schools 2006 - 2010

technology as a tool

Technology will never replace teachers.

However, teachers who know how to use technology effectively to help their students connect and collaborate together online will replace those who do not. -Sheryl Nussbaum Beach

Let me introduce my class...

Ahhh... this is better!

the technology toolbox

Tools of the trade...

resources vs resourcefulness


The real value of blogs and wikis is not the tool itself. It’s what the tool enables. - George Siemens, 2005

Purpose: Share learning & experiences

A window into our classroom for parents/ caregivers as well as Principal/ Senior Staff etc and the wider community

Provides an authentic audience for student writing: an audience of peers, parents/ caregivers and relatives

global audience

Feedback/feedforward and meaningful comments to students.

Blogs need to be a communication device for conversation, not just a display space. View your blog as a conversation with the world. Jeff Utecht, 2007 [paraphrased from K12 Online presentation]

The Journey...

Putting structures in place so that even 6 year olds can be eConfident

Room 9 Daily

Text Naming computers

Visual help sheets

Classroom Responsibilities

Email monitors

Monitoring blog Hit Counter

Harnessing the power of comments

Tracking & celebrating comments

Global Visitors

Our elearning “Hub”

Reading taskboard activity Reading & Commenting on Class Blogs

Reading/Maths taskboard activity Educational Games (delicious)

IWB Structure


Class “Experts”

Promote Student Ownership

e Class Newsletters

The 4 B’s Be Prepared Back up Plan Buddy up Break up session

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 tools are like my personal smorgasbord of ‘possibilities’ I make it my business to know and experiment personally with ones I feel can benefit learning

http:// photos/ehsasnz/ 3462472546/in/ set-721576055683 27473/

Schools should explore not only how ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching, but also how it can open up new and different ways of learning -NZC pg 36

Possibilities for connection Blog buddies

Possibilities for connection Connected Classrooms via Skype

Possibilities for connection Start your own TV station

Purpose know what you want students to achieve or accomplish

Scaffold the learning using ICTs - just like we do naturally in our classrooms

Build on learning not stand-alone topics or activities based on skills etc. Base everything on your current classroom learning topics/programmes.

Break teaching & instruction into manageable chunks

Resist the urge to teach programmes, skills etc. ‘just in case’

Teach skills in authentic contexts

Technology Use

Dabbling with technology

Old things in Old Ways

Old things in New Ways

New things in New Ways

Never before have many of these opportunities been available

Give your teaching practice a shake up

How are you connecting your classroom to the world?

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow -John Dewey Image from:

Finally... Use your electricity for more than light -Sears Catalogue, Spring, 1917

Thanks! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or queries.

Image: 'X-Factor' Image: 'We are all connected.' mage: 'Today´s Mood!' Image: 'Cat-5 Cable' Image: 'world on a table (#153)' Image: 'Atlas, it's time for your bath' Image: 'Ioni's world DSC01433' Image: 'LED light bulb' Image: 'Rake & shovel' Image: 'Tools Box' Image: 'Chocolate Tools' Image Image: 'dream (Μεσοράχη)' Image: 'colored pencils' Image: 'Chinese Buffet 05' Image: 'Newspaper' Image: 'It's a Braun definitely' Image: '2nd February 2005' Credits Image: 'Never' Image: 'Confeti!' Image: 'Nabla' Image: 'Almost done' Image: 'Web 2.0' Image: 'Ride to the Windmills' Image: 'Bored as' Image: 'nuttin like a lick-o-butter' Image: 'Delicious Cookies : Project365 : Photo 28' Image: 'Poems from a parking lot' Image: 'Trust us, we're expert' Image: 'Uneasy Truce' Image: 'Solea's Time...' Image: 'Criptoportico' Image: 'high lights' Image: 'i see' mage: '“There are no extra pieces in the+universe.+Everyone+is+here+because+he+or+she+has+a+place+to+fill,+and +every+piece+must+fit+itself+into+the+big+jigsaw+puzzle.”'

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