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Published on January 31, 2008

Author: Riccard


Access eCommerce for Native American Artisans:  Access eCommerce for Native American Artisans Objectives:  Objectives The Internet is a tool that small businesses can use to build an existing business, reach distant markets, and offer innovative products. During this hands-on workshop you will: explore what businesses similar to yours are doing online learn some ways to bring your business online discover online resources your business can use. What is Electronic Commerce?:  What is Electronic Commerce? E-commerce is more than selling online. It is: Using online resources and tools to do business better Making money and saving money online Activity: Critique Sites:  Activity: Critique Sites Websites Should Be…:  Websites Should Be… Informative Fast Easy to navigate Tidy Accessible Credible Slide6: Website Credibility:  Website Credibility The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 Read the “About Us” Tribal affiliation identified? Does the seller tell you about how the item was acquired or created? Are sacred objects, ways, knowledge, or other forms of Native spirituality being offered for sale? Does anything make you feel uncomfortable? Source: Activity: Evaluate artisan websites:  Activity: Evaluate artisan websites Searching for Information:  Searching for Information Use a directory Example: Yahoo or Google Directory Use a search engine Use a site that indexes websites on specific topics Top 5 Search Engines::  Top 5 Search Engines: Google Yahoo! Search MSN Search AOL Search Ask Jeeves Source: Nielsen//NetRatings January 2004 Searching With:  Searching With Be specific turquoise and coral bracelet = 61,700 results put phrases in quotes "turquoise and coral bracelet“ = 381 results Use the NOT symbol - "turquoise and coral bracelet“ –silver = 50 results Combine symbols Research Doing Business Online:  Research Doing Business Online Search for: New suppliers Product ideas Marketing ideas Better prices Searching for Products for Sale:  Searching for Products for Sale Research Your Competition:  Research Your Competition Is your competition across the world or next door? Search engines are the key to finding your online competition What can you do better, or different? How to Find Your Competition :  How to Find Your Competition Make a list of your competitors. Use a search engine to expand the list. Search using keywords that describe your products or services. Evaluate Your Competition :  Evaluate Your Competition Visit their websites. What are they trying to do online? What do you like or dislike? What can your company do better? Find out how popular these sites are Google using: Activity:  Activity Search for your competition or suppliers. Tips for Shopping Online:  Tips for Shopping Online Trust your instincts Be knowledgeable about web-based auctions Double check pricing Read the privacy policy Review return and shipping policies Check for secure Internet connections Pay with a credit card Source: American Bar Association How do you know a website is secure?:  How do you know a website is secure? Closed lock symbol The web address begins with https:// instead of http:// Options for Doing Business Online:  Options for Doing Business Online Do you really need a website? Consider: Auction Websites Malls or Cooperatives Develop your own website Virtual stores Template-based storefronts Hire a developer Do it yourself Combine several options Auction Websites:  Auction Websites Malls or Coops:  Malls or Coops Malls or Coops:  Malls or Coops Choose Locations Carefully:  Choose Locations Carefully Activity: Explore Auctions, Malls:  Activity: Explore Auctions, Malls Auctions: Malls: Virtual Storefront:  Virtual Storefront Website Templates:  Website Templates Templates and hosting: (Click on Create a Website) Test Drive BigStep at: Free for Nonprofit organizations: Template kits only (no hosting): Activity: See How to Build a Store:  Activity: See How to Build a Store Domain names:  Domain names What is a domain name? Why do you need one? What makes a good domain name? .com .org .net .biz .info How much does it cost? How do you find a domain name? Developing Your Own Site :  Developing Your Own Site Hire a web designer Learn HTML Create graphics Find a web host Determine budget Check site for errors Consider Hiring a Website Developer:  Consider Hiring a Website Developer Give your business a professional appearance. To find a developer: Interview customers Evaluate web sites Compare services Ask about site maintenance services Learn HTML: Web Authoring Tools:  Learn HTML: Web Authoring Tools Free HTML Tutorials Authoring Software (e.g: Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive, HomeSite) Tools to Create Graphics:  Tools to Create Graphics Create a banner, logo or button with free or fee online graphics generators Find a Web Host:  Find a Web Host Local internet service providers Domain name providers Ask others for recommendations Website Costs:  Website Costs Setup Costs Web page design $150-$450 / page Web host setup fee $0 - $50+ Ongoing Costs Web hosting fees $0 – 100+ / month Domain name up to $35/year Web page content updating up to $30/hour eCommerce Transactions:  eCommerce Transactions Merchant accounts monthly fee: $15-50 / month discount rate: 2-5% of amount transaction fee: 15-.30 / transaction PayPal No monthly fee Transaction fee: 2.2% .30 /transaction Tools to Check Your Site:  Tools to Check Your Site Page errors: Load speed: (Click on Cool Tools lower left) Accessibility: Promoting Your Website:  Promoting Your Website Tell everyone about it Help search engines find you Use traditional media Viral Marketing:  Viral Marketing “Any advertising that propagates itself the way viruses do.” Friends and relatives Customers Website visitors Blog:  Blog Short for Web log Web page that serves as a publicly-accessible personal journal for an individual Typically updated daily A soapbox of sorts Put a link to your blog page on your website Activity: Blogging:  Activity: Blogging Browse the blogs at: Or look at creating your own at: Deal with Business Email:  Deal with Business Email Use email to draw attention to your website Start your own email newsletter Create an email signature for marketing Spam? Ignore it or filter it Don’t open email attachments from unknown sources Install anti-virus software Activity:  Activity: Summary:  Summary Become comfortable with the Internet Decide if you really need a website Explore web hosts, online malls, auctions for features and costs Decide which services are right for your business to meet your customer needs Promote to every living being on the planet, and then promote some more Resources:  Resources Online guide:

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