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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: andykaiser



Open Space Session at idealo Camp (Berlin - March 2014) about eCommerce Trends, Shoppers and Data.

eCommerce 2020 Data & Shoppers

What‘s a Shopper?

YES! a shopper is somebody who makes a purchase decision

95% of consumer decision-making is unconscious. Source: Gerald Zaltman - How Customers Think (2003)

Attention Emotional Engagement (Brand) Memory Buying Decision Purchase

„Men buy, Women shop“ Wharton's Jay H. Baker Retail Initiative and the Verde Group (2007)

Online Shopping? 68% Price Matters? 74% Bargain Hunt? 57% Desktop? 87% Tablet? 11% No Showrooming? 76% Online Shopping? 72% Price Matters? 77% Bargain Hunt? 71% Desktop? 82% Tablet? 15% No Showrooming? 79% Source: Shopzilla (May 2013) & Nielsen (2011)

Experience it!

BBVA Self-Service Banking Personalization Additional Content

Pepsi Social Vending Machine Social Media Personalization

Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall Gender Recognition Content Marketing Virtual Cart

Tesco Homeplus Virtual Store Virtual Cart

Kate Spade Saturday iPad Micro Stores Digital Price Tags Hierarchical CMS A/B Testing

Estimote In-Store Beacons Proximity & Check-in Indoor Location Contactless Payment

% re s p o n d e nt s b e l i e ve t h at i n i n t h e n ex t e i g ht ye a rs re ta i l l o cat i o n s w i l l b e s h o w ro o m s . Source: Capgemini Digital Shopper Survey (2012)

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