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Published on December 29, 2007

Author: Herminia


Ecomap Presentation:  Ecomap Presentation HES 310 Summer 2005 Group 5 Group Members:  Group Members Claraetta Moore Ashlee Parker Kristen Peoples Charlie Reinehr The Phillips Family:  The Phillips Family Michael (Dad), 44, works as a contractor Jennifer (Mom), 45, works as an executive secretary Jordan (Daughter), 20, in college and plays softball Chase (Son), 17, in high school and plays golf Family Bio:  Family Bio Michael and Jennifer have been married for 21 years. They have a strong marriage, but lately they have been so busy they have not had much time for each other. Their children spend most of the time on their own or with their friends. The lack of communication and time is putting a strain on their family. Michael and Jennifer met in college and were married soon after they graduated. They have always had a good relationship, but with the long hours at work they have not had much time to be a couple. They are both worried about their children and their futures, but they have never been good at talking to their kids about personal maters. Michael:  Michael Michael is very well liked by his friends and business associates. He is handsome and very charming, which contributes to his great social life. He is extremely busy with his construction company and has little time to spend with his wife and children. Michael is bothered by this because he and his wife have always enjoyed taking vacations together and spending time alone. Michael is also very proud of his daughter for receiving an athletic scholarship, and he brags to his friends about her accomplishments. He pressures his son to be as good in sports as well as his academics. This is creating some tension between Michael and his son. Jennifer:  Jennifer Jennifer is very busy with her job as the executive secretary in a hospital tower. She is also well liked by her friends and enjoys the social engagements she and Michael attend together. She also misses spending time with her husband and sometimes worries that he might look for attention elsewhere. She loves her children very much, but worries that her daughter Jordan’s sexual preference is her fault, and Jennifer is terrified of what her friends would say if they found out her daughter was gay. Jordan:  Jordan Jordan is 20 years old and a sophomore in college, where she plays on the school’s softball team. She loves college life because she has freedom to be her self. Jordan has a girlfriend that she has been dating for two years, and her parents are beginning to find out. Her parents have been hounding her about her personal life and have asked her many times why she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Jordan wants to tell them but is afraid they won’t understand. This puts a lot of stress on her because she feels that she has to balance two lives. Chase:  Chase Chase is the youngest in the Phillips family. He is 17 and plays on his high school golf team and is very interested in computers. His relationship with his parents is somewhat nonexistent. Chase does what he wants and his parents don’t bother him as long as he makes good grades. He feels pressured by his father to do well in school and sports. He knows his parents love him but he feels like they don’t have time. Phillips Family Ecomap:  Phillips Family Ecomap Claraetta Moore:  Claraetta Moore General Human Environmental Sciences Jordan needs to ask her mom for a girls day out to just connect again. Chase needs to take his father with him golfing so that his father can see how well he is doing and maybe the father will see that he is accomplishing what he wants, academics and sports. Michael needs to show Chase that he is interested in the sport he has chosen for himself. Jennifer needs to stop worrying and start acting. Taking part in each of her love ones. Ashlee Parker:  Ashlee Parker Health Studies I could help the Phillips family by being a mentor to Jordan during her problems with her parents. As a coach I could help by listening to her and directing her to a counselor. Kristen Peoples:  Kristen Peoples Human Development and Family Studies Marriage counseling for the parents Help the mother and father figure out a way to manage their time and priorities to build stronger family ties Motivational speaker for Jordan Plan activities that Chase and his father could do together Charlie Reinehr:  Charlie Reinehr General Studies As Chase’s computer teacher, I can be a mentor to him at school. The family needs to have regular sit-downs where each member brings up what’s on his or her mind. They all have many worries that aren’t being discussed. Michael is proud of his Jordan and Chase, but he needs to tell them that. Michael also needs to cut back on some of his social functions to reconnect with Jennifer.

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