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Published on March 8, 2008

Author: Doride


Ecological Gardening:  Ecological Gardening Presented by : Marc Landry – CEPIT Organik Touch Notion :  Notion Soil Characteristics Thickness of the deposit Organic matter (humus) Rock content ( > 2 mm – gravel, stones, rocks) Texture (< 2 mm – limon, «argile», sand) Ionic exchange capacity Did you know ? The soil in our region was formed more than 225 millions years ago! Factors that influences the development of the soil :  Factors that influences the development of the soil Climate (temperature and precipitation) Action of the humus Fauna / Flora / Human Origine of the deposit Influence of the soil on plants:  Influence of the soil on plants Exchanges between the soil and plants pH Available elements Disponibility of water and air Temperature Plant needs:  Plant needs Source of water Soil (pH, organic matter, nutriants in minimal quantity, minimal compaction) Temperature Sun Air pH:  pH The pH is a limitant factor and influences the disponibility of some elements and make other toxic Ideal pH for most plants is 6.5 Affect biological activity in the soil Roles of major elements:  Roles of major elements Nitrogen Growth and formation of chlorophylle Phosphorus Root system, general process in the plant and development of fruits and flowersFruits et fleurs, catalyseur, protection, transport Potassium Fruits and flower and general plant functions How to control some factors:  How to control some factors Soil structure – organic matter Plant Nutrition - maximise fertilizer applications Plant Type - rustic, growth period, disease resistance Water - minimise water loss with compost and mulch pH - neutralise the soil to favor biological acticity and exchanges of the elements Soil Temperature – constant temperature with organic matter and mulch will favor plant development Timing- minimise risk and other dangers (forst, insectes, minimum temperature) Fertilizers and uses:  Fertilizers and uses Fertilizers are supplements that you add to the soil to provide better growing conditions for the plants Fertilizers can not substitute organic matter They need to be manage properly How can we identify fertilizers and how to use them efficiently (type, water soluble, length of release…) Biological fertilizers:  Biological fertilizers Green Fertilizers Alflafa, clover, soja that can be planted directly in the soil and turned directly in the soil This method add organic matter and help to fix certain elements in the soil Slide12:  Granulare and liquid fertilizers Nitrogen (feather meal, powder or fish emulsion…) Phosphorus (rock phosphate and bone meal) Potassium (mica) SulPoMag Algea emulsion Mineral Rock (bio rock, basalte) Lime dolomitic (Mg) and calcic When to use fertilizers ?:  When to use fertilizers ? Transplantation Critical feeding period Fast growth, root development, fruits/flowers, dormancy Completes Organic matter Increase performance and resistance of plants Feeding Cycles of plants:  Feeding Cycles of plants Spring (early June) When the soil temperature is constant (+5oC) you can start adding fertilizers Fast growth period needs nitrogen Minerals Organic matter Mulch Slide15:  Summer (end of June end of August) Constant nitrogen need Phosphorus and potassium demand increases rapidly Minerals help to minimize chocks due to heat and drought Organic matter Slide16:  Fall (September - October) Plant nutrition decrease rapidly Nitrogen needs decreases Phosphorus and potassium demand constant Constant mineral needs Add lime Organic matter

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