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Published on March 17, 2014

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Production presentation

Talk by Brendon Airey, LED LightSense

LightSense LightSense (Leading Light Solutions) specialises in the development and supply of high performance, advanced LED lighting. Brendon Airey –Technical Manager Welcome to LightScene @ EcoBuild Electrical Safety Compliance with LED Units

Retrofitting LED lamps to replace FluorescentTubes or Street Lights You have all seen the BIG claims by LED Lamp resellers and manufacturers. However before you buy there are allot of things to consider. Some of those considerations will be:- - Will the LED lamp give out the same light that we are used to? - How do they fit? - How much will we save? - How many do we need? Unfortunately little thought is given to the most important question of all:- - Are the retrofit lamps SAFE?

Electrical Safety In the UK all fixed (hard wired) electrical products need to be installed in accordance to the IEEWiring Regulations (BS7671) which conformity should result in also conforming to Electricity atWork Regulations 1989. In doing so you shall adhere toThe Health and Safety at work ACT. Ensuring that this is carried out there are various bodies NICEIC / ECA / Nappit / HSE / Electrical Safety Council that police the products and the services that installers and manufacturers provide. Various tests have been carried out by a number of authorities in the UK as to the safety of a LED “Retrofit” Lamps.

SafetyTesting of LEDTubes The Electrical Safety Council commissioned a report with Nemko to carryout safety testing off randomly selected LED tubes available online in the UK.The full report is available on their website. BS7671 (IEEWiring Regulations) States: - Electrical equipment shall be installed in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the equipment. So the above clearly shows that conforming to BS7671 and the ultimately the Health and Safety atWork Act cannot be adhered to.Thus possibly placing the onus of conforming onto the installer. Therefore, who is liable for dangerous situations that may occur if retrofitting LEDTubes? • The original Luminaire manufacturer? • The LEDTube manufacturer? • The supplier? • The specification company? • The Installer? • The purchaser? • The building Owners?

SafetyTesting of LEDTubes • NEMKO Summary

What questions should be being asked re LED Lamps? - Would the original manufacturer instruct LED retrofit lamps to be installed inside their light fitting (Compliance with BS7671)? - Are the original components suitable to be used in conjunction with LED retrofit lamps (Brittle end caps, Cable characteristics)? - Will the LED lamp’s light output comply with the original lighting design of the environment where it’s to be installed? - In the event of a fault (not a failure) who accepts liability? - Does the electrical contractor have the relevant insurance to modify and change characteristics of an original luminaire?

Make up of T8 600 x 600 luminaire.

T8 Luminaires designed for florescent lamps • Cables may not be rated to connect 230volts to the led tube! • End caps not rated correctly for Direct AC 230Volt supply! • No LED Heat management! • Reflector may be ineffective due to directional LED’s and age! • What could happen if once the fitting has been modified and the LED lamp in no longer available?

Street Lighting Luminaires Various discussions on social media have sparked furious debate over the suitability of LED Corn Lamps to be fitted into Street Lighting Luminaires. Example 80Watt LED Fan assisted lamp to be used in an existing IP65 Street Light. No regard to: - Light Output - Heat dissipation (Other than cooling fan on LED unit) - Colour temp - Age of existing luminaire - Height of Column - CRI

Summary • If the original fitting requires alteration then it may not be compliant. • If the original fitting does not require alteration of the fitting it cannot be efficient. • Explore the replacement of the whole luminaire to a complete LED product.

What is LED equivalent to? There is no hard fast calculation as there are numerous different led chips and optics on the market. The magic word is “Efficacy”. Luminaire lumens per circuit watt. - GU10 50watt halogen lamp is approx 520lumens. = 10.4 ll/cW - LightSense GU10 6.8Watt LED lamp is 400 lumens = 58.82ll/cW So this LED lamp is nearly 6x more efficient.

LLS-NC50W Twin 58Watt(5%-10% for ballast) T8 Tube – non corrosive LLS-P0606 32Watt 4 x 18Watt (72Watts plus 5%-10% for ballast) lay-in modular

What defines a good / bad LED? • LM80 Data provides a information that can extrapolated to calculate lifetime. L90/L80/L70 or down to L50 (for decorative luminaires.)This is where manufacturers get there lifetime claims from. • CRI –The colour rendering index, sometimes called colour rendition index, is a measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colours of various objects in comparison with a natural light source. • Stability of colour temperature – Over time colours may degrade as the LED cycles in temperature. At LightSense for most products we use a 3 step ellipse to ensure colour quality over time.The shift in temperature should not be noticeable by the human eye.This ensures that projects that use LightSense luminaires can be phased over to LED.

Mind the smoke in-front of that mirror. • Luminaire lumens per watt vs Luminaire lumens per circuit watt • Lumen outputVs Initial lumen output • Independent Data – LightSense ensures all products are independently tested in the UK to UKAS standards to ensure that we can prove our claims.

Our Products

Our Products LightSense offers a high quality range of LED luminaires in a variety of designs, suitable for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic applications. Our UK based R&D department work tirelessly to source and develop new products and ensure that we remain at the forefront of LED lighting technology.

LLS-P0606 600 x 600 Panel Dimmable as standard, Day White (~4000k) or Cool White (~6000k) LLS-P0612 600 x 1200 Panel Dimmable as standard, Day White (~4000k) or Cool White (~6000k) LLS-P0312 300 x 1200 Panel Dimmable as standard, Day White (~4000k) or Cool White (~6000k) LLS-P0303** 300 x 300 Panel Dimmable as standard, Day White (~4000k) or Cool White (~6000k) LLS-P0306** 300 x 600 Panel Dimmable as standard, Day White (~4000k) or Cool White (~6000k) LLS-P01512** 150 x 1200 Panel Dimmable as standard, Day White (~4000k) or Cool White (~6000k) LLS-P0202** 200 x 200 Panel Dimmable as standard, Day White (~4000k) or Cool White (~6000k) LED Panels vary in quality & performance. LightSense Panel range has the following benefits:- - Thick 6mm Light Guide - PMMA Diffuser - 2700Lumens - Dimmable on 1-10Volt as standard (soon to be switchDIM also)

Our Products All LightSense products undergo UK based photometric testing. Dr Gareth John of Photometric and Optical Testing reviewed our 600 x 600 Panel in the August 2013 issue of Lighting magazine. The overall conclusion was that the high efficacy, CRI and low unified glare rating “make the LightSense panel a logical solution for anybody looking to install a luminous ceiling” The full article is available on our website: ry-focus


Batten LED

Why use LightSense? • Support – Product support is overlooked in the LED Lighting Market. LightSense colleagues have a diverse background so we can be your led at the end of the tunnel. • Proud of our price! – We make our products to the highest standards. Therefore we may not be the cheapest but the best value for money.

Our Clients Our lights have been installed in a number of different environments:

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