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Published on March 6, 2014

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Eco-friendly does spell budget friendly, and it is something that more homeowners are interested in when home shopping. The process of fixing up a property to create a high performance, energy efficient living environment is called greenhabbing.

Eco-friendly rehabbing i.e. Greenhabbing 1

Eco-friendly rehabbing i.e. Greenhabbing  Eco-friendly does spell budget friendly, and it is something that more homeowners are interested in when home shopping.  With it has come an interest in what is called greenhabbing- the process of fixing up a property to create a high performance, energy efficient living environment. 2

To greenhab a property an investor needs specific qualifications into their remodel: Low environmental impact- of the construction materials used in the rehab, no less than 80 percent should be of recycled or sustainable nature. High performance. Low operating costs- the operating costs of the project should be at least 30 percent less than operating costs for a standard home. Safer and healthier living environment. Green rehabbing is focusing on achieving an energy efficient dwelling. 3

Eco-friendly rehabbing i.e. Greenhabbing Home buyers understand the savings associated with an eco-friendly property; and, because of this understanding, investors can yield a favorable profit. Better put, they can maximize their income earning potential with the right green additions. Greenhabbing is becoming more popular in real estate as it is more affordable. Sustainable and recycled materials are more available and more affordable. 4

Eco-friendly rehabbing i.e. Greenhabbing Greenhabbing your property properly can mean… o 10 percent higher appraisal value o Lower holding costs o Higher rents o Tax credits and rebates Green real estate is an investing strategy that will give you the edge on the market. 5

Eco-friendly rehabbing i.e. Greenhabbing There are considerations. Like any home, location plays a significant role in your purchase, as well as your green rehab. Different areas will offer different rebates and incentives. For instance, the West Coast is more inclined to support the environmental movement. Nearly all the materials put into the home and its construction need to be recycled or sustainable materials and construction 6

Eco-friendly rehabbing i.e. Greenhabbing It is important to know the features that buyers pay for like energy efficient windows. This will help to ensure you bring in the maximum return on investment. You will need to be organized as you will have paperwork the addition of paperwork for rebates and tax credits, which you will have to submit. Greenhabbing is relatively new to real estate, however, it is here, and it is something that is yielding investors the higher return on investment and generating more profit out of their rehabs. Greenhabbing 101 is necessary as it is not a practice you jump into without knowledge; you need knowledge to properly greenhab. 7

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