Ecg sensor system using bluetooth low energy

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Information about Ecg sensor system using bluetooth low energy

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: malvikushal



This slide presentation gives you information about ecg sensor system that is currently using in medical environment.

ECG Sensor System using Bluetooth Low Energy Prepared By Kaushal S. Malvi 131060753010(WiMC)

Abstract :  Electronic wireless sensors could help to reduce medical costs by using smart devices while patients stay at home.  Electronic wireless sensors are connected to smart devices of patient using wireless connectivity systems, such as Bluetooth.  The goal of this presentation is to introduce BLE wireless technology and to report results obtained when medical stream data was transmitted using BLE.

Outline :  Introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)  ECG Sensor System  Bluetooth Low Energy in ECG system.  Function of BLE in ECG Sensor System.  Hardware Specification

Bluetooth Low Energy: There are four interoperable technologies:  Wi-Fi : Connecting computers across wireless local area networks. Bandwidth up-to 300 Mbps. Operates in the license-free 2.4 GHz band. Indoor range of around 30 m.  Zig-Bee : Designed as a low-power technology. Coin-cell-type batteries (for example, CR2032, 3V cells). It operates in the 2.4 GHz band. Range extends up to 100 meters.  Classic Bluetooth : It operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band. The bandwidth ranges from 1 to 24 Mbps. Range is up to 30 m. Run from coin cells. High power consumption.

Bluetooth Low Energy : (Continue..)  Bluetooth Low Energy : Operates in the 2.4 GHz band. It features a bandwidth of 1 Mbps It features range of 15 to 30 m. Lower power consumption .  Bluetooth low energy single mode devices will communicate directly with dual mode devices like cell phones and/or other single mode devices. .

ECG Sensor System :  The ECG sensor node which can monitor the heart condition of heart surgery patients or the elderly in daily life.  The ECG node makes a packet which is transmitted to the smart device after sensing ECG data.

Example : The Wireless B.O.H.M. (Best Ongoing Health Monitoring )Center : The system consists of five healthcare devices integrated Bluetooth and cellular communications. The Wireless B.O.H.M Center can be used to monitor 5 patients’ vital signs Simultaneously.

Function of BLE in ECG Sensor System.  BLE stack has to be implemented in a smart device individually.  First, a smart device is connected with the converter.  If a connection is made between the smart device and the converter, the converter tries to connect with the ECG node automatically.  After the connection has been established between these devices, the ECG data is transmitted and received.  The converter relays ECG data between the ECG sensor node and the smart device because the ECG node and the smart device use different versions of Bluetooth. Therefore, this system will be used until BLE stack class is supported by android SDK .  The firmware of the ECG node has been developed so that it can be utilized after removal of the converter if android SDK support BLE in the future .

Diagram of ECG Sensor System :

Hardware Specifications : The ECG node in the Fig. was developed using the ADS1192 chip and the CC2540 chip which is a single-mode BLE chip, for an RF transceiver .

References : [1] Mohamed Habbal, “Bluetooth Low Energy – Assessment within a Competing Wireless World”, in Proc. of Wireless Congress 2012- Systems & Applications, 2012. [2] Alf Helge More, “Bluetooth Low Energy: Wireless Connectivity for Medical Monitor”, in Proc. of Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, vol. 4, Issue 2, pp. 457-463, 2010. [3] Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia, “Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)”, Available online:

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