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Published on September 7, 2015

Author: latinlovermccarthy


1. Infinitives p. 26

2. What is an infinitive? ● base form of the verb ● no person (1st, 2nd, 3rd) or number (singular, plural) ● two words: to + verb o to give o to speak o to try o to hear

3. In Latin ● infinitives end in -re ● translate with the word “to” ● to find a verb’s infinitive, look it up in the back of the book o 2nd part listed is the infinitive o audio, audire, audivi, auditus

4. Examples ● ambulare ● videre ● vexare ● ascendere ● dormire ● to walk ● to see ● to annoy ● to climb ● to sleep

5. How to use an infinitive ● complete the meaning of a verb o Sextus arborem ascendere vult. o Sextus wants to climb a tree. ● some of these verbs: (p 27) o *volo: I want; vult: he/she wants o *nolo: I don’t want o *potest: he/she is able o timet: he/she is afraid o paras: you prepare; parat: he/she prepares

6. Examples ● servus puellam videre potest. ● Marcus arborem ascendere terret. ● ancillae laborare parant. ● The slave is able to see the girl. ● Marcus is afraid to climb the tree. ● The slave women prepare to work.

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