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Published on June 11, 2013

Author: technolibrary

Source: authorstream.com

The Reading Marketplace: Ebooks, Libraries, and Schools Carolyn Foote Westlake High School: The Reading Marketplace: Ebooks, Libraries, and Schools Carolyn Foote Westlake High School flickr: ownipics needs: needs flickr: stevendepolo readers: readers flickr: cloned milkman growth: growth Slide from: http://pewinternet.org/Presentations/2012/Oct/Libraries-Transformed.aspx purpose: purpose flickr: Mike Licht purpose: http://www.newyorker.com/images/2010/04/19/cartoons/100419_cartoon_0_a14952_p465.gif purpose usage: usage Slide from: http://pewinternet.org/Presentations/2012/Oct/Libraries-Transformed.aspx input: input http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VWWLVBD formats: formats flickr: bracketing life evaluating: evaluating flickr: san_drino questions: questions http://www.tinyurl.com/ ebookform E-book options: E-book options flickr: rofltosh Overdrive: Overdrive Follett Shelf: Follett Shelf Mackin VIA: Mackin VIA Britannica: Britannica Capstone: Capstone Gale Virtual Reference Library: Gale Virtual Reference Library Ebsco: Ebsco devices: devices devices: devices patron driven acquisitions: patron driven acquisitions Free audiobooks: Librivox: Free audiobooks: Librivox free e-books: free e-books free e-books: free e-books dilemmas/problems?: dilemmas/problems? Text flickr jazamarripae misunderstanding: misunderstanding flickr: mtsofan lack of titles: lack of titles transitory platforms: transitory platforms flickr: wolfpix inconsistent interfaces: inconsistent interfaces flickr: miuenski privacy: privacy flickr: alan cleaver crowdsourced: crowdsourced publicity opportunities : publicity opportunities bathroom newsletter: bathroom newsletter Are we ready?: Are we ready? More: More AASL. E-books/E-readers. http://tinyurl.com/aaslebooks Polanka, Sue. No Shelf Required 1 and 2. ALA Ed. No Shelf Required Blog http://www.libraries.wright.edu/noshelfrequir ed/ Digital Reader. http://www.the-digital-reader.com/ Foote, Carolyn. Battle of the E-books (Prezi) www.tinyurl.com/ebookbat tle Hamilton, Buffy. Choosing an ebook platform. http://tinyurl.com/ebookplatform Follow trends: Follow trends Polanka, Sue. E-book Technology Report ALA http://tinyurl.com/ebookreport Douglas County http://douglascountylibraries.org/content/ebooks-and-DCL E-books on Fire http://www.infotoday.com/searcher/dec11/Hamaker.shtml Unglue It. http://unglue.it Rainie, Lee. Libraries Transformed. Pew Research Center, 2012. http://www.slideshare.net/PewInternet/libraries-transformedresearch-on-the-changing-role-of-libraries UNGLUE Unglueit https://unglue.it/ flickr: Phil Dokas Tools: Tools E-book use survey http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VWWLVBD Sample E-book evaluation checklist http://tinyurl.com/ebookform Sample E-book evaluation form (advanced) http://tinyurl.com/ebookformadvanc ed Questions from EFF https://www.eff.org/wp/digital-books-and-your-rights flickr: raven photographic Get in touch: Get in touch Carolyn Foote Westlake HS Austin, Tx email: cfoote@eanesisd.net apps website: http://tinyurl.com/seguinipad blog: www.futura.edublogs.org flickr: hellojenuine

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