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Published on November 14, 2007

Author: Chyou

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IV&I Inventory Visibility & Interoperability :  IV&I Inventory Visibility & Interoperability Progress Report Aug. 22, 2007 Agenda:  Agenda Project Update Solution Provider Reports Microsoft iConnect Fujitsu/Axway Wipro Sun Microsystems Others [IBM, QAD, SAP, Infor, Oracle….] Wrap-Up & Q&A Panel Solution Provider Introduction:  Solution Provider Introduction Speakers: Jennifer Marsman - Microsoft    - 734.664.9264 [M] / jennmar@microsoft.com Kishor Sapre - iConnect    - ArvinMeritor, Inc. Jacques Durand - Fujitsu, and Ulf Persson - Axway    - 408-746-6134 /JDurand@us.fujitsu.com - upersson@axway.com XXXX - Wipro - 408-746-6134 /JDurand@us.fujitsu.com Paul Wickstrom - Sun    - 586-981-9987 / Paul.Wickstrom@sun.com Messaging solutions conforming to AIAG B2B profile. Suitable for all Supply-Chain applications in Automotive and General Manufacturing A.J. Blazej: please correct contact info ebXML – Web Services : Proof of Concept:  ebXML – Web Services : Proof of Concept ebXML-WebServices Team Axway (Ric Emery, Ulf Persson, Dale Moberg) Contact: upersson@axway.com Fujitsu (Hamid BenMalek, Jacques Durand) Contact: jdurand@us.fujitsu.com Demonstrated that ebXML Messaging Services Version 3 supports AIAG B2B Messaging Profile by exchanging XML Payloads with IVTF Test Harness ebXML Messaging Today:  ebXML Messaging Today The Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) of the Internet Proven within Automotive Industry (GM, Volkswagen) Strong in Asia for global trade ECOM, eAC, JEITA, COXEC, Trading Facilitators (eg. KTNET, Tradelink, DTTN, DagangNet, TradeVan, …) Certification programs (Drummond Group / GS1, eAC / ECOM) STAR profile (Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail) IV&I Demonstration Scenario:  IV&I Demonstration Scenario Products: ebXML Message Service Handlers V3.0 “light” Supplier endpoint (Axway) OEM Consumer Gateway (Fujitsu) SyncQuOnHand SyncShipment SyncDelivReceipt SyncShipment SyncQuOnHand OEM (Ford…) Inventory Web Service Sun Ford ebXML ebXML ebXML ebXML Demonstrated Use Cases / Features :  ebXML Demonstrated Use Cases / Features Case of a small partner: Requirements: no IP @, low connectivity, no IT expertise Solution: Light ebMS Handler: Message Pulling, server-less Case of a larger partner with various application integration needs: Requirements: Internal Web services, JMS interface… Solution: B2B ebMS Gateway: Easy forwarding to/from Web services on the back-end, to JMS / queuing. ebXML Messaging Services V3 – the MOM based on Web Services protocols :  ebXML Messaging Services V3 – the MOM based on Web Services protocols ebMS V3: Asynchronous Messaging over Internet Business messages with standardized business header Controlled message transfer (channels, pulling, exchange patterns) Advanced security (service authorization, non-repudiation) Open to diverse back-end integration (Web service & other) Builds on Web services protocols (SOAP, security, reliability) Leverages Web services stacks (e.g. Apache Axis2) ebXML Messaging Services V3 – Near Future :  ebXML Messaging Services V3 – Near Future SOA increased support WSDL-based configuration of B2B Gateway, for internal Web services JMS interface Multi-hop routing (Hub) Advanced Messaging Features Status requests Message bundling / chunking high volume of small messages, splitting a large payload Message flow control

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