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Published on January 22, 2008

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PowerPoint Presentation: At eBeanstalk , we carry an extensive selection of educational and learning toys . Our team of child experts looked at over 10,000 toys and selected the best newborn toys , baby toys , infant toys , toddler toys and toys for pre-schoolers . eBeanstalk is great for baby gifts or for keeping up with your child's development. We carry toys from over 75 manufacturers from around the world and all of our learning toys adhere or exceed all American and European safety standards for paints, finishes, composition, joints and components. eBeanstalk makes giving age-appropriate baby and toddler toys easier than ever.   That’s because our child development specialists already did the hard work for you. They looked at over 10,000 toys and chose only the best. PowerPoint Presentation: About us:   eBeanstalk is dedicated to providing the learning toys  and educational toys  that promote a child's development...and we go far beyond just toys. Our mission at eBeanstalk is to "plant the seeds that help children grow" while making gift-giving easy and special.   eBeanstalk is a place where you can give expert selected newborn toys , baby toys , toddler toys and toys for a preschooler . All of our learning toys are packaged into a GIFT SERIES, where every three months a new gift arrives that is perfectly suited the appropriate stage of a child’s development.  PowerPoint Presentation: How did we do it?   The Teams: We have 2 teams of experts – A group of Child Specialists (Child Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Child Physical Therapist, pediatric occupational therapist and a Special Educator) and a group of over 700 moms (affectionately called our Mother Board). The Toys: We looked at over 10,000 developmental toys (yes, 10,000) from well-known manufacturers around the world and narrowed the list down to the 600 best learning toys. Each toy on eBeanstalk is carefully selected, tested and approved and comes with the eBeanstalk Seal of Approval.   PowerPoint Presentation: How did we do it?   The Stages of Child Development: Our Child Specialists identified the stages of development children grow through. They matched 7 core skills (called Head-to-Toe) - Imagination, Education, Language, Dexterity, Locomotion, Emotion and Social – with the stages of a child’s development to provide a simple, focused explanation of each stage.   Matching the Toys with the Stages of Development: We carefully matched each learning toy with the appropriate stage of development. No more “for a child 2 and up”. Our toys are matched to 3 month incremental stages.   PowerPoint Presentation: How did we do it?   The Gift Series: Each Gift Series consists of 4 expert selected educational toys. Then 4 times a year a new toy is delivered to your special child when they need it. Think of it like the “Developmental Toy of the Quarter Club.”   Instruction cards: Our team of child experts wrote custom instruction cards that provide a description of the toy, explain why we chose each toy and offers great Graduated Play ideas...our instruction cards will ensure your child and you will get the most out of each toy. Toys are for learning, and learning is complicated. Our cards make it easy   The White Box: Many times the box is more fun than the toy. That is why we made the eBeanstalk box white...so you can make it into a fort, paint a jungle scene or turn the box into your own custom car.   PowerPoint Presentation: The eBeanstalk Gift Series Save 15% on all Gift Series. Enter offer code GIFTSERIES at checkout.   An eBeanstalk Gift Series is a YEARS SUPPLY of the best learning and educational toys where every three months for a year a toy arrives matched to the child’s stage of development. Each toy is selected by our team of child experts and our Mother Board of more than 700 moms across the country. Each toy also comes with its own instruction card , full of great graduated play ideas. Coming up next are some of the toys that we recommend from our Gift Series. PowerPoint Presentation: The eBeanstalk Gift Series Symphony Motion Mobile Toy description   The Symphony & Motion Mobile is full of fascinating shapes, movement, and music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. While a super mobile, it is also full of fantastic educational toys that go round and round. Batteries included.   Why we love this toy   The Symphony & Motion Mobile receives our seal of approval because listening to classical music can encourage certain types of intellectual and emotional development. It also uses fascinating colors and shapes to stimulate your baby. It is simply one of the best mobiles available which is why it is one of the best baby gifts. Manufacturer: Tiny Love Price: $44.95 PowerPoint Presentation: The eBeanstalk Gift Series Wood-Like Soft Blocks Toy description   Wood-Like Soft Blocks are made of soft foam that looks like real wood. They can be played with on the floor or in the bath because they float and stick easily to the bathtub tile walls when wet which makes them a great learning toy.   Why we love this toy   Wood-Like Soft Blocks are a great toddler toy because these amazing blocks look like real wooden blocks, but they′re made of durable light-weight foam that′s safer for young children. These foam blocks are easier to stack than wooden blocks, and are safe for bathtub fun. Manufacturer: Edushape Price: $19.95 PowerPoint Presentation: The eBeanstalk Gift Series Tabletop Easel Deluxe Toy description   The Magnetic Tabletop Easel Deluxe is an all-in-one pre-assembled, multicolored easel made of durable hardwood with a green chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other. The Magnetic Table includes four non-spill paint cups, four paint brushes, a tray with built-in openings to hold supplies, and two easel clips to hold easel paper which makes it an educational toy. Dimensions: 16" X 18"   Why we love this toy   Alex's Magnetic Tabletop Easel Deluxe is great for a 3 year old because it has so many uses. It is a chalkboard, a dry erase board, a magnet board, and a paint easel. The Magnetic Tabletop Easel Deluxe is made of high-quality hardwood, folds for easy storage, and comes with all the art accessories your little artist needs. Manufacturer: Alex Price: $53.95 PowerPoint Presentation: The eBeanstalk Gift Series Unit Blocks   Toy description   The Wooden Unit Blocks Set includes 60 BIG, SMOOTHLY-sanded, sturdy blocks with a natural finish for a classic look. The wooden storage crate makes clean up and storage easy which makes it a great educational toy! Dimensions: crate = 15" X 12" X 5"; blocks = 5" X 2" X 1 1/2""   Why we love this toy   The Unit Blocks are great for a 4 year old because they are high quality, solid wood blocks that come in a convenient wooden carrying box. We love these blocks specifically because of their rounded edges, Unit Blocks are simply the safest wooden blocks available. Manufacturer: Melissa & Doug Price: $49.93 PowerPoint Presentation: A message from the founders about toy safety.   At eBeanstalk we are dedicated to a child’s development and learning, and we never compromise a child’s safety. Rest assured that NONE of the recalled toys from Mattel or Fisher Price have ever been sold at eBeanstalk. NOT ONE.   We as retailers must be advocates for our customers and not solely rely on the manufacturers. First, we are working with all of our manufactures to ensure all safety steps have been made in the manufacturing process. If we are not satisfied, we remove the manufacturer from our site.   Second, we lead-test the toys ourselves. And third, we are offering free lead testing of any toy from any retailer that is brought into our store.   We recognize the seriousness of parents' concerns, and we never compromise when it comes to a child's safety.   PowerPoint Presentation: The eBeanstalk Community   eBeansTALK Blog   The eBeansTALK Blog is a great place to get involved and share in community with other parents, and of course, the eBeanstalk Experts. You'll find helpful articles on child development and be able to connect with other parents about key issues of child development.   Share your experiences with others.     PowerPoint Presentation: The eBeanstalk Community   eBeansTALK Newsletters   eBeansTALK newsletters connect a child's learning, education and development with recommended age appropriate baby toys, infant toys and toddler toys.   All newsletters are written by our team of child experts...on subjects such as Play Skills, Developing Fine Motor Skills, and Understanding Your Child's Personality. All articles expertly link the discussion topic to age appropriate learning toys.   There is more to interacting with a child than just play, and our experts live and breathe child development.   We hope you enjoy and learn from what this great group of professionals has to say.   PowerPoint Presentation: Contact eBeanstalk By Mail: Customer Service at eBeanstalk 50 Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854   By Phone: 203-854-9600   By Email: If you have any questions about eBeanstalk, your eBeanstalk experience, any toys, etc, please email us: questions@ebeanstalk.com   Feedback: If you have any feedback...positive, negative or just basic feedback, please email us: feedback@ebeanstalk.com   Your comments will help to improve our business.  

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