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Published on November 23, 2007

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Decoding My Work Along With My Future:  Decoding My Work Along With My Future Jay Taneja EMSP Intern Innovation Center at MOTC – Milwaukee, WI Assignment Manager: José A. Gutierrez The Uninteresting Details:  The Uninteresting Details Born in Erie, PA, 1984; Moved to Dayton, OH, 1990 Entering 3rd year at The Ohio State University, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Latin + Intend to be integrated into team environment Desire to create tool that can be adapted and used in future situations for the team Project Description:  Project Description Scope: Using the HP16702B Logic Analysis System and its Advanced Toolkit Set, a baseband LR-WPAN decoder will be built. This decoder will be built in layers (following the OSI-ISO 7-layers recommendations), enabling the identification of PHY packets, MAC frames, and NWK frames and their fields. Project Description (ENGLISH):  Project Description (ENGLISH) Scope: Using the (expensive) logic analysis equipment that we have not had time to learn yet, design and make software that will “interpret” the meaning of the messages that are sent in our wireless sensor network. The team needs to know if errors in the transmission are from (1) the sending side, (2) the receiving side, or (3) somewhere in between. The Long Journey:  The Long Journey en·gi·neer (n.) One who is trained or professionally engaged in a branch of engineering A person who operates or is in charge of a locomotive Let’s go on this journey to success together! Jay the engineer LRWPAN Look, It’s A Map!:  Look, It’s A Map! WOW! Secret Shortcut SUCCESS!! START STOP 1: IEEE 802.15.4 STOP 2: LOGIC ANALYZER AND TDK STOP 3: 802.15.4 DECODER STOP 4: DOCUMENTATION SCARY FOREST Stop 1: IEEE 802.15.4:  Stop 1: IEEE 802.15.4 IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol Packet Structure Language Grammar, Word Order week from Start 1 BE TECHNICAL! BE SIMPLE! Stop 2: Logic Analyzer and TDK:  Stop 2: Logic Analyzer and TDK Logic Analyzer Tool Devel. Kit Digital Logic Analyzer Tool Development Kit C Language With New Functions Gave Application Based Tutorial Tool To Capture Data Tool To Analyze Data Further Uses Well-Known Language Taught Team How To Use Equipment weeks from Stop 1 4 BE SIMPLE! SHORTCUT!:  SHORTCUT! SECRET SHORTCUT Jay, I have an idea – let’s work another way towards your project! O.K., José! MATLAB 802.15.4 Decoder Assignment Manager José A. Gutierrez LRWPAN LRWPAN Stop 3: 802.15.4 Decoder:  Stop 3: 802.15.4 Decoder 802.15.4 Decoder weeks from Stop 2 5 Outputs Packet By Fields Serial To Parallel Interpretation Code Modifiable If Necessary Intuitive Output of “Message” Makes Sense of 1’s and 0’s Customizable For Future BE TECHNICAL! BE SIMPLE! Stop 4: Documentation:  Stop 4: Documentation WARNING UNFINISHED TRACK Documentation Cataloging my activities for future understanding Will Complete Soon weeks from Stop 3 2 LRWPAN Results of My Project:  Results of My Project Allows for more effective testing to make a better quality network for customers Provides better error data than ever before Saves engineers valuable time spent either analyzing cryptic data or arguing over code mistakes My Experience:  My Experience Felt A Sense of Dedication to Project In Entire Team Became Acquainted and Comfortable With Corporate Team-Based Environment Me, hard at work as a Dell– I mean, Eaton intern My Experience (cont.):  My Experience (cont.) Deep Appreciation For Research-Based Environment Improved Professional Presentation and Communication Skills Through Team Formed Strong Relationships with Co-workers The Future:  The Future Personal Goals Complete Bachelor’s Degree, Pursue EE Graduate Study, and Eventually Earn M.B.A. (Down the Track) Team Goals Build Functional Sensor Network For Lighting Systems and Home Automation Questions?:  Questions? Does anyone have any questions? LRWPAN

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