Eating Healthily With a Busy Lifestyle

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Information about Eating Healthily With a Busy Lifestyle

Published on March 15, 2014

Author: hitomykomatsuzaki


Siti Nor Hazwani Binti Mat Zin (BECHE)

 In a busy lifestyle we have not enough time to cook and eat healthy meals.  We also busy with task and personal commitment until we have no time to keep healthily.  As a professional people, that is important to take care of our own body in order to maintain the right mental and physical state to help others. INTRODUCTION

 Generally, food that we choose when eating outside contain more calorie, fat and saturated fat from food and snack that we prepared at home.  Many people finish with a misconception that eathing healthy is to hard to do than it actually this.  It easy requires a small amount of though and planning

NUTRITION THAT IS BALANCED take a lot food that is nutritious like vegetables and fruits and it can reduce fatty food or which contains cholesterol is high. It’s can reduce deadly disease such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes avoidable because prevent better than disease cure.

Our bodies need 46 nutrient everyday for growth, development, recovery, and our body functions daily. Nutrition that able balance provide bodies with multivit amin, protein and mineral.

EATING OUT LIKE A PROFESIONAL  If we eat out, we must order a healthy food. Example : 1) rice + vegetables + fish  Don’t choose a food that have a lot of oil, fat, too sweet and many calories.  Eating out like a professional is can help us choose a right way to take care our body from disease.

 Don’t forget to add some fruits after eat as a dessert because fruits have a lot of vitamins.  Reduce to go to eating place that can make us fat, and not beneficial. Example : 1) Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). 2) McDonald.

PACK YOUR LUNCH EVERYDAY Put several healthy foods into a lunchbox .  Make sandwiches with plenty of vegetables on whole wheat bread or wraps made with whole wheat tortillas.  Pack one or two pieces of fruits or one or two servings of vegetables to round out the meal.

 Pack a lunch for healthy inexpensive choices.  Prepared meals a head of time.  Grab a couple healthy snacks as you leave each morning to have a nutrition food choice on hand no matter how busy you get.  Starch a few snack in your purse, bag or car so there is always a healthy option when you are hungry.

STOCK UP WHOLE FOOD, THINKS LEFTOVERS FOR LUNCH AND HEALTHY BEGINNING Make sure stock your freezer, fridge and pantry, with all foods that you will make meals in minutes and easier.  Buy a fresh product and dairy on a bottle or small box to keep in your refrigerator.  Planning healthy lunches each day may feel more hard, but it doesn't have to be.

By planning ahead, you can remove food from the freezer to thaw or soak beans and grains for faster cooking the next day and to make sure the food easily to cut.  If you want to make whole grain pancakes, waffles or french toast over the weekend, make extra to freeze. All of this foods melt quickly in a toaster oven for a healthy and tasty breakfast on the run.

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