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Published on June 29, 2009

Author: ysumlin


Eat Healthy Meat & Seafood : Eat Healthy Meat & Seafood Without Busting Your Budget Why You Should Care… : Why You Should Care… It is not only about you… This is about your love ones too. Slide 3: Eat Healthy Meat & Seafood So much of our meats and seafood are being imported into the United States as business owners are looking for ways to cut cost and increase profits.  We are not one of those companies. We understand the need of the business owners and consumers alike. This is why our prices are low and very affordable.  Worried about food safety and quality?  Well worry no more because our Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Veal and Pork are all natural and organic without the price tag.  All of our meats and seafood are from United States Farmers and Commercial Fishermen.  All animals are tested  before we buy  to ensure they are free of illness and drugs.  Why do we do this?  Here are a few answers to that question. 1)We don't like law suits. 2)We want you to live longer so you can continue to buy from us. If these two answers seem funny or petty, well to us it just make good business sense.  We must care of our clients health and food safety first!  So that we can remain in business. Make It Romantic : Make It Romantic Cook her a healthy Dinner that she will never forget. Spoil Him : Spoil Him Every man loves a great steak.. Show him you love him more By keeping him healthy. Love Your Kids? : Love Your Kids? So do we. That is why there is nothing extra In our meats and seafood. Affordable Food Network : Affordable Food Network We just don’t say we care… We go out our ways to show it. All Natural Wholesale Meat & Seafood Imagine Just Paying $3.00 per pound For Gourmet Quality Steaks & Seafood….. Now You Can See Why Our Competitors Hate Us (877)862-4183 www.affordablefood Slide 8: Start Today Make A Healthy Choice Buy www. affordable food network.Com Meat & Seafood Packages. Slide 9: Great Seafood With Low Prices A Perfect Combination Produced By Jay Sumlin : Produced By Jay Sumlin : All Rights Reserved Affordable Food Network

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