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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ndolovacki

Source: slideshare.net


It isn’t really easy to dramatically change your life for the better. There are, however, many easy steps in the process. Why not start with these?

EASY WAYS TO A Better Life WRITE DOWN Write down some things you’d like to change. This makes the possibility more real, and gets your mind working. Eventually you can make this “wish list” into real goals, with a specific plan. BREATH DEEPLY Close your eyes and breath deeply through your nose, whenever you feel stressed. Stress is one of the biggest impediments to a better life. Simple stress-manangemnet techniques like this can help a lot, if you make them a habit. GOOD THINGS IT ISN’T REALLY EASY TO DRAMATICALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER. THERE ARE, HOWEVER, MANY EASY STEPS IN THE PROCESS. WHY NOT START WITH THESE? List the good things you’ve got. This may seem trite,but a good mood makes life better. Ever buy a van and start seeing vans everywhere? The same thing happens when you buy an idea. Imagine how it will affect your frame of mind to start seeing good things everywhere. 2 3 psychology POPULAR magazine www.poppsymag.com More articles about BETTER LIFE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS, JOBS AND FINANCE, and SELF DEVELOPMENT you can read in the POPULAR PSYCHOLOGY MAGAZINE or on the website WWW.POPPSYMAG.COM

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