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Published on February 8, 2008

Author: livejapanese

Source: slideshare.net

Weekdays Easy Kanji Lesson – やさしい漢字レッスン –  

Weekdays = + 曜日 YOUBI Kanji Insert the Kanji of these ppt here

= + 曜日


How to use: One 一 HITO TSU ICHI This is the Kanji for the ‘One’ This is ‘ On-Reading ’ written in red colours. ‘ Kun-Reading ’ is written in blue … Followd by ‘ Okurigana ’ in yellow. What Kanji is for ‘One’?


Sunday 日 HI NICHI




Tuesday 火 HI KA


Wednesday 水 MIZU SUI


Thursday 木 KI MOKU


Friday 金 KANE KIN


Saturday 土 TSUCHI DO


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