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Published on February 10, 2008

Author: livejapanese

Source: slideshare.net

Minutes Easy Kanji Lesson – やさしい漢字レッスン –  

How to use: One 一 HITO TSU ICHI This is the Kanji for the ‘One’ This is ‘ On-Reading ’ written in red colours. ‘ Kun-Reading ’ is written in blue … Followd by ‘ Okurigana ’ in yellow. What Kanji is for ‘One’?


Minutes 分 TOKI JI


How to say minutes = + 分 JI Kanji Insert the Kanji for numbers

= + 分


One minutes 一分 - IPPUN



Two minutes 二分 - NIFUN



Three minutes 三分 - SANPUN



Four minutes 四分 - YONFUN



Five minutes 五分 - GOFUN



Six minutes 六分 - ROPPUN



Seven minutes 七分 - NANANFUN



Eight minutes 八分 - HAPPUN



Nine minutes 九分 - KYUUFUN



Ten minutes 十分 - JUPPUN



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