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Published on December 10, 2016

Author: SEAllen88

Source: slideshare.net

1. Easy Equine E-Learning How electronic media can help you connect with your training/lesson clients. SOCIAL STOCKWOMAN

2. of American Horse Owners use their horses for recreation for competition for work/other ACCORDING TO THE 2010 AMERICAN HORSE PUBLICATIONS SURVEY 60% 35% 5% Did You Know?

3. What Category Is Your Clientele?

4. Are Your Clients Women? Over Age 40? Have "day jobs" and a family? Have their horses for recreation? Keep their horses at home?

5. Then E-Learning Can Help You Help Them! more educated, have some disposable income to spend on their horse hobby, have a "Do It Yourself" attitude, have an internet connection and are tech savvy This demographic tends to be: E-Learning is a great way to connect with these busy ladies!

6. What Challenges or Problems does Your Training/Lesson Business Face?

7. Do you get frustrated when... Clients send a horse for 30-90 days of training, then you never hear from them again, or worse, hear back that they continue to have the same problems with their horse? Clients cancel lessons when the weather isn't 70 degrees and sunny? Clients forget the drills and exercises that you teach them in lessons, or don't practice them with their horse in between lessons? Clients don't seem motivated to work with their horse at home, and you just know that they could have a better relationship with, and enjoy their horse more, if they could just master a few skills?

8. What would it be like if your clients could have access to your horse training program through basic instructional videos, articles, riding plans and tip sheets in-between their riding lessons and after they bring their horse home? SOCIAL STOCKWOMAN

9. Equine E-Learning Can Help! Help your busy clients enjoy their horses more with electronic learning materials!

10. What is E-Learning? E-Learning, or electronic learning, uses technology, such as computers, tablets, and smart phones, to provide educational information. E-Learning can be as simple as an article/blog post, or as complicated as custom designed instructional courses. Common forms of e-learning include blogs, video, podcasts, infographics, webinars, and e-books.

11. SOCIAL STOCKWOMAN But wait! I'm just a horse trainer! I can't create E-Learning materials!


13. SOCIAL STOCKWOMAN Then Yes You Can Create E-Learning! (And I Can Help)


15. Informative Article One of the simplest e-learning materials that you can create is an informational article. Informational articles build trust and credibility in your abilities as a trainer/instructor. Pick a subject that you feel you often address with your clients, or pick your favorite topic-something that is easy for you to write about. Sharing the article is simple-post it as a note on you Facebook page. Write it up and email it to your clients. If you have a blog or website, share the article there. EMAIL ARTICLE, BLOG, FACEBOOK POST Bonus Tip-add a relevant photo to your article, and share it on your Facebook Page!

16. Instructional Graphic Do you have a favorite training drill, or practice pattern that you teach your horses/students? When you ask if they practice it in between lessons, do your clients say they don’t? Then creating a diagram of your favorite drill or pattern for them to save to their smart phone is another easy e-learning material that you can offer your clients. If you are not handy with computers, get out a pen and paper and hand draw it, then take a picture of it with your smart phone and text it to your clients, or post it to your Facebook page. INFOGRAPHIC, DIAGRAM, CHARTS Bonus Tip-make a collection of practice patterns in an album on your Facebook page.

17. Video Tip Record a short video tip with your smart phone and upload it directly to YouTube or your Facebook page from your phone. It can be something as simple as a tip sharing the importance of cooling out your horse, or a tip about why you use a certain piece of tack. If you have a helper, have them run the camera while you demonstrate a training drill or pattern. Otherwise just face the camera towards you and start talking! INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS, WEBINARS, INTERVIEWS, BUSINESS HISTORY Bonus Tip-videos are preferred content on Facebook, so posting your video on your Facebook page will increase the reach, or number of people who see your page.

18. WWW.SOCIALSTOCKWOMAN.COM I want to help you help your clients and their horses. Let's increase your client's knowledge and success with their horse by teaching them more about your training methods and techniques in the comfort of their own home. Contact me today to find out how I can help you help them! -Siobhan "Chevy" Allen, The Social Stockwoman

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