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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: 7marva

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How to dye red eggs for Easter

EASTER EGGS The Easter eggs is part of Easter, the eggs are dyed red or they are chocolate .In Greece, eggs are dyed red primarily (though it is not unusual to have a variety of colors or designs), while in other countries the eggs are dyed in several colors, several times with intricate shapes . Today there are special dyes that give intense colors evenly to the eggs. Eggs re dyed traditionally on Holy Thursday and are eaten on Sunday Easter . Part of modern Easter is chocolate Easter eggs, which are usually offered to children and contain small toys.

Materials •1 sachet of dye •Eggs(approximately 15) •6 glasses of lukewarm water •6 tsp. vinegar •

Method •Remove the eggs from the evening out (if you have them in the fridge). In order not to break easily, you can put them in water with salt. •Wash them well and cook over low heat so as not to break (sometimes 15 minutes). •In a bowl put the warm water, vinegar, paint and mix them very well. •Put boiled eggs in a bowl and leave them 5 minutes in the paint •Take them out and let them dry thoroughly. •Spread the eggs with a little oil to have bright color.

COLORFUL EGGS We can paint Easter eggs with natural products without using synthetic dyes . This way it is healthier . Depending on the color we want to paint our eggs we will need the appropriate materials: For the deep red paint we will need beets(the bottom of beets) For open red,poppies For purple, violets For yellow ,saffron or almond leaves or straw For green ,parsley For honey,dried peel onions For orange,chili powder or paprika


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