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Published on May 24, 2018

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slide 1: Procedure and Benefits of Dental Implants People around the world have now recognized the significance of Dental care and have started taking preventing measures to maintain their oral health. People lose their teeth due to various reasons like tooth decay and gum diseases. Decades ago dentures and bridges were the only options available to treat patients suffering from missing or broken tooth. Now Dental implants make a great option for tooth replacement. An implant can help replace one or missing tooth with artificial tooth the implant comprises of a titanium screw which is directly fixed to the jaw bone just like the root of a natural tooth. It serves as a strong foundation on which the removable artificial tooth will be placed. Procedure of Dental implants First step would involve a consultation with your dentist which will involve X-ray of your mouth and then the impression of your teeth. After which your dentist will recommend a plan and procedure for your dental implant treatment. On the day of treatment you will be given local anesthesia so that you don’t feel the pain on your gums during the surgery. If there is no sufficient bone in your jaw to support the implants you may need bone grafting. Once your jaw bone is healed your dentist will screw the implants into your jaw. Again this requires another healing phase. Once the implants are well fused with your jaw bone your dentist will place a healing collar on the head of the crown. This helps slide 2: the gums to heal. Next stage will involve abutment which will be screwed into the implant to support the crown. Once placed an impression will be taken by your dentist. Then a temporary crown will be placed till you are completely healed. Later a permanent crown will be placed. Benefits of Dental Implants Unlike dentures dental implants give you a permanent solution. You can comfortably eat or chew your food without any worries of slipping which is most common with dentures. Dental implants do not require adjustment of other teeth. Also it improves your confidence and gets you back that beautiful smile. We at East Bay Dental are committed to giving you that gorgeous smile you have ever wished for. We have experienced Implant specialists who can perform Dental implant treatment successfully. If you are looking for Dental implants in Fremont Call us 510 818 9000. For Dental implants in Pleasanton Call us 925 523 3450.

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