East Africa IPs views on Mtigation/Adapt

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Information about East Africa IPs views on Mtigation/Adapt

Published on November 8, 2008

Author: Indigenousredd

Source: authorstream.com

Impacts of Climate Change among Indigenous Peoples and Biodiversity. : Impacts of Climate Change among Indigenous Peoples and Biodiversity. East Africa How is CC being experienced : How is CC being experienced Increased frequency and lengt,m h of Droughts Irregular rainfall patterns Drying of rivers and other water bodies Impacts on Indigenous Peoples : Impacts on Indigenous Peoples Reduced Livelihood Options -less livestock, no beehives 2.Poorer health -low quality milk, no herbs 3.Increased Conflict - human - human - wildlife - human Cont… : Cont… Dilution of cultures alternative livelihoods, rural urban migration etc Alternative livelihoods threatened tourism activities threatened Farming Flowers for honey gone Impacts on Biodiversity : Impacts on Biodiversity Extinction of species Collapse of water catchment areas Disappearance of biodiversity Concentration of species in particular areas Irregular rainfall patterns Strategies for adapatation/mitigation : Strategies for adapatation/mitigation Define and strengthen the structure of information flow from the international to the local. Consultations with a view of unifying the indigenous voice around climate change issues to have a common voice in CBD, REDD, etc Address policy issues at the national level to address Ips concerns including institutionalization of traditional knowledge systems Conti… : Conti… Strengthen institutional support for Indigenous civil society groups - to follow climate change dialogues, documentation, dissemination, etc Capacity building of both govts, civil society and communities around the CC agenda. Developing responsive conflict management structures Cont.. : Cont.. Strengthening partnerships with Bingo’s, civil society and govt to effectively build REDD and other climate change strategies at the Country level.

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