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Information about Earthquakes(2)

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: syedkshah2


Earthquakes 6th Grade Science Ms. Jennifer Ransom January 30, 2004

Let’s Learn About Earthquakes!

Earthquakes     Definition Causes Interesting Facts Devastating Examples from History

What is an earthquake?     Shaking of the ground Breaking and shifting of earth’s outer shell Some of earth’s most powerful events Usually causes other natural disasters McNally, Karen C.. "Earthquake." World Book Online Reference Center. Jan. 2004. World Book, Inc. 27 Jan. 2004.

    Earthquakes often cause other natural disasters. Fires sometimes occur. 1906 earthquake caused fire damage. Look at the blackened building.

Causes of Earthquakes      Plates shift in earth’s outer crust. Stress occurs on rocks along faults. Excessive stress causes rocks to break. Rocks move into new positions. This causes the shaking of earthquakes.

Interesting Facts   Earthquakes rarely kill people … Building collapses do!

Interesting Facts   Even buildings left standing are dangerous. There is often structural damage.

Effects of Earthquakes   People are often left homeless. They must find temporary housing.

Effects of Earthquakes     Food and water may be scarce. People wait in line for water. Bread lines are also long! 1806 earthquake victims struggled to survive.

Effects of Earthquakes    Looting often takes place. Chaos usually makes things worse. Police patrols are necessary.

Effects of Earthquakes    Sometimes government must get involved! Check out this proclamation in 1906. This San Francisco earthquake was devastating!

Devastating Examples from History      Charleston’s famous earthquake Early morning earthquake on February 7, 1812 It began at about 3:30 a.m. Shaking continued for about 25 minutes. Shaking caused severe structural damage. Information courtesy of the following collection in the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress: An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera.

Devastating Examples from History     San Francisco’s famous earthquake of 1906 Quake caused damage to some buildings. Other buildings were undamaged. Look at some scenes from 1906.

Devastating Examples from History    Finally, look at other dangerous results. First picture – exposed water pipes Second picture – twisted streetcar tracks

Earthquakes     Respond to what you have learned. Write a one-half page response. Discuss at least five things about earthquakes. Include any or all of these: • Causes • Effects on people or land • Examples

Acknowledgements   Pictures and most information provided courtesy of the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress. Earthquake definition and causes provided (as noted) by World Book Online.

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