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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: DeepanshuGanguly


Earth and us part 2 first dawn of history: Earth and us part 2 first dawn of history There are more than 1 million species on earth and are many more to discover!! But wait we were studying that earth was a hell right now that means no living thing can survive here so how leaving things came. One of the difficult things in science: the origin of life . Check out to know about the first day of earth PowerPoint Presentation: Continued where we left Meteors {small rocks roaming in space} got attracted by earth gravity. It added mass to earth making it bigger just like the size of modern earth. When asteroids landed on earth it also led to a increase of temperature in the crust of earth. It was a angry looking planet like as shown in wallpaper with hot liquid crust. If we kept our feet there it would have been burned our feet in less than 2 seconds. Gradually the crust cooled and formed hard rock. Remember it would have taken millions { 1,000,000} years! A very long time but only a short time in terms of geologic timescale. PowerPoint Presentation: This would have been how the newly formed earth may look like. Do you know what is the difference between this and the earth in which we live? Yes there not to much water , there is no atmosphere and no greenery Life originated in the first billion years only. But how it came? Lets explore PowerPoint Presentation: Perfect for life atmosphere liquid water Sun: source of energy Atmosphere,water,sun are the three main things for a new subject biology! The first life forms would have entirely different biochemistry. At the nucleus of our cells there lies a molecule called DNA which carry information about how we look and have information about traits of our ancestors The first creature would not have DNA rather it may have more simpler molecules called RNA. Every living thing we know is evolved from the first creature . Our common ancestor or the seed of genetic tree of life. Our common ancestor would have been a single cell bacteria. PowerPoint Presentation: Where the seed of tree came from? I believe the volcanoes would have erupted gases which have make our atmosphere and from the atmosphere hydrogen reacted from oxygen to form water [h2o]. This was answer to the question how the basic resources formed for life to grow. but how actually life originated? Lets try to find the answer…. PowerPoint Presentation: There are many theories for The origin of life. There are many theories for the origin of life…. Life may be created by two origins terrestrial origins: These theories suggest that life is created in earth only. Due to some electrical activities there may be a synthesis of organic molecules. Because of hot crust in deep sea floor it may have created a geyser system which may have created the amino acids the building blocks of life! PowerPoint Presentation: Panspermia The other origin may be of extraterrestrial origin. This theory is called Panspermia It may not sound good but if this is true molecules of life is created in any other celestial body and may be transferred via meteorites. Meteorites may contain all amino acid or a ready made bacteria which may have managed to land on earth. There are many crazy theories about this that you can find in Wikipedia. But still we are there only where we started .We haven’t solved any mystery but we have got more question which is the correct theory? Every scientist have his own perspective. You should judge everything and get your idea about science. It is found that some creature are very very different in terms of genetics. They are so different that we have to fit themselves in any other genetic tree!! These may have originated by this theory. PowerPoint Presentation: To be continued! This is what that makes earth very different from Other planets- life. It was only about the seed of life. What about branches? What about branches in which we live? keep checking greatscience !! earth and us part 3: from past to present and from prese nt to future

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