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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: DeepanshuGanguly


Earth and us: Earth and us Made by great science PowerPoint Presentation: The age of earth grandmother , daughter ,brother: Moon - 4.527 billion year old Mars - 4.5billon Sun- 4.6billion IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE THE ONLY PLANET WITH A WONDERFULL STORY IS EARTH . LET’s explore it… PowerPoint Presentation: There was not the same morning billions of year before…..lets explore Part 1: the days before morning of earth PowerPoint Presentation: If you make a time machine and go before 13.7 billion year from now you will get nothing - no facebook, no trees, and even not the earth or the universe . This is hard to imagine. Suddenly you will see a light coming toward you !! it is expanding and temperature is very very hot!! YOU WILL REALIZE A SERIES THINGS ARE HAPPENING.IT IS SUMMARIZED IN IMAGE. Yes it is the creation of universe or Big bang!!! All the particle are arranging themselves to form atoms the fundamental of matter!! PowerPoint Presentation: Just after 700 million it was a new world. But wait how can nothing change into everything? we have no answer how the universe begin? and were it came from? So we can only say that its made by god or nothing. There are many myths about this so we can say it is one of the hardest of questions!! I think I am a good travel guide. Contact me if you made a time machine!! So lets go to beginning Of milky way …. Everything is made of atom. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. All matter is created during big bang. So the computer you are watching this is also as old as this universe PowerPoint Presentation:  The galaxy formed 13.6 billion year before like this Our location is summarized in the image. Our Solar System began to form. First form the sun The Sun formed about 4.6 billion years ago from the gravitational collapse of a region within a large   molecular cloud PowerPoint Presentation: Earth is not to big not to small Not to hot not to cold. Perfect for life. The answer to all this lies in its creation. The answer to all this lies In the orbital location and its mass and its sun. We for reality cannot rewind the time we Get all the evidence of the biggest theory in the Universe only like big bang theory evidence: In 1912, Vesto Slipher calculated the speed and direction of “spiral nebulae” by measuring the change in the wavelengths of light coming from them. He realized that most of them were moving away from us. We now know these objects are galaxies, but a century ago astronomers thought these vast collections of stars might actually be within the Milky Way . So the universe is expand ing. This means that the whole universe started from a single dense point . Read more: http:// PowerPoint Presentation: It formed as a matter of chance. By seeing other planet we can get an idea We can’t get the exact model of earth. But still some idea is there. The dust that make other celestial bodies also maked our world. The planet start as dusty clouds. Over millions of years this dust and gas help the planet grow. The stellar winds coming from stars blow dust away making the planet stop growing. The planets now get enough gravity .Now they gradually cooled and formed hard lithosphere These planets are smaller than earth . So how such big planet form. It was unlucky time for our planet but without it we were not here. Asteroids landed on our planet and transferred our small world into a big hell!! PowerPoint Presentation: To be continued! This is a story of mankind. Earth is a hell right now. So how the morning came? Keep checking great science. To understand this theory well check great science

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