Earth science: "spheres" review

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Information about Earth science: "spheres" review

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: sharpscience



Simple review of the various "spheres" students learned in elementary school, hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere

Earth “Spheres”

Atmosphere Composition Layers

Hydrosphere Precipitation Runoff Condensation *Transpiration Evaporation Radiation

Biosphere Biotic Factors vs. Abiotic

Geosphere Changes due to Erosion Composition of Earth Changes due to plate tectonics Changes due to evaporation

Mudslides Identify the “spheres” associated with mudslides?

How do these things shape the planet? • Wind • Flowing water • Earthquakes • Volcanoes • Earthworms • Dams • Deforestation • Landfills

Discoveries / Inventions Explain “sphere” discoveries that were made possible by these this technology. Submarine SONAR Deep sea drilling rigs Weather Balloon GPS Excavating Equipment

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