Earth s Diverse Environment by Juliet Origenes

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Information about Earth s Diverse Environment by Juliet Origenes

Published on November 11, 2014

Author: julietorejenes



How organisms adapt and survive in different environment.

1. Living in Earth’s Diverse Environment

2. • All organisms require a usable source of energy to live. • Solar Energy from the sunlight, captured by chlorophyll during the process of photosynthesis, powers more ecosystems. • Lack of sunlight is seldom the most important factor limiting plant growth for terrestrial ecosystem, although shading by trees does create intense competition for light among plants growing on forest floors.

3. • Temperature is the most important abiotic factor because it affect on metabolism. • Few organisms can maintain a sufficiently active metabolism at temperature close to 0◦C (32◦F), and temperatures above 45◦C (113◦F) destroy the enzymes for most organism.

4. • It has a high body temperature well suited to the chilly climate of its mountain habitat.

5. • Water is essential to all life. For terrestrial organisms, the primary threat is drying out in air. • Many land animals have watertight coverings that reduce water loss, such as reptilian scales. • And most plants have waxy coatings on their leaves and other aerial parts.

6. Algae Photosynthetic Bacteria

7. • Aquatic organisms must depend on oxygen dissolved in water. • Cold, fast moving water has a higher oxygen content ythan warm or stagnant water.

8. Salinity

9. Currents

10. Tides

11. • Wind is an important abiotic factor on land. • Wind increases an organism’s rate of water loss by evaporation. • In some ecosystems, frequent occurrences of natural disturbances such as storms or fire play an important role in the distribution of organisms.

12. Storm Fire

13. Living in Earth’s Diverse Environment

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