Early British Automatic Rifle Trials - a lecture to the HBSA of GB

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Information about Early British Automatic Rifle Trials - a lecture to the HBSA of GB

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: tcattermole

Source: slideshare.net


Gas operation, long recoil, short recoil, organisation of the British War Office Ordnance Board, Chief Inspector of Small Arms, Small Arms Committee, Maxim conversion of Martini, Griffiths-Woodgate, automatic rifles tested, Automatic Rifle Committee, Enfield "A", Enfield "B", Menteyne-Degaille, Kjellman, Halie, Sjogren, London Small Arms Co., BSA Ltd., Mondragon, Roth, Brauning, Rexer, Farquhar-Hill, Revelli, Bang, Hefffeld, Tatarek, Kretz, Vickers, Fidjeland, Cei Rigoti, Shoube, Perino, Laird-Menteyne, Faletrans, Smith-Condit, Fedorov,

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