Ear Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment

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Information about Ear Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment

Published on July 9, 2009

Author: nadaindia

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Ear Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment : Ear Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment Suneel Vatsyayan Founder& Chairman Nada India Foundation www.nadaindia.info www.acudetox.com Change, Growth & Recovery… : Change, Growth & Recovery… A drug abuser usually does not know he is out of control. He looks at his drug-using peers and his own use appears normal in comparison. He needs objective feedback on his behavior. It was once thought that alcohol and drug abusers had to "hit bottom" before help could be offered and accepted. This is based on the idea that a drug abuser could only get better if he was self-motivated to change. Motivation….. : Motivation….. “Motivation” is creating the desire to change one’s own dysfunctional behavior and ‘motive’ is the energizing condition that directs the individual to achieve that goal. Motivating the addict to accept help thus forms the first phase of treatment. Motivational counseling & Ear Acupuncture : Motivational counseling & Ear Acupuncture 1. Acupuncture is a non-verbal process. The treatment will be just as helpful if the patient lies or ashamed to speak about certain issues. 2.The patients be able to learn about themselves . 3.Needy, fearful patients can be engaged in treatment before they can tolerate a bonding relationship with staff. 4.Patients with low self-esteem and lack of hope can begin their treatment participation at a realistic level. 5.Patients who are also trauma victims will be able to participate in treatment even though they are fearful of interpersonal relations. Hence a much wider selection of patients can be introduced to substance abuse treatment Facing the challenges : Facing the challenges Patients can be treated before assessment and diagnosis are completed so that the patient can be calm and cooperative enough for a useful diagnosis to be made. Confrontation about drug use is not necessary because a patient can be helped even while they are in denial about the need for treatment. It is possible to provide kind, soothing, attention without the risk of enabling the addiction process. Developing trust between the therapist and patient is much easier. The patient can relax without losing control. Indeed, the whole program can relax without losing control. Trust, relationship and looking forward…. : Trust, relationship and looking forward…. Patients are able to remain comfortable while focused on present time activities. The calm stability in the acupuncture setting creates a relatively timeless process. There is much less pressure to improve according to guilt-related standards. Patients become comfortable with their own thoughts. Patients become comfortable with their physical processes. Patients learn that their private, internal process can be a source of strength and renewal. Patient learn to “let go” of tension and preoccupations. Patients develop their own spatial comfort zone. About Nada India.. towards well-being : About Nada India.. towards well-being Nada India is an voluntary organization dedicated to promotion of health, child rights and drug free life style specially among young people. Nada India is also involved in education and training for the use of auricular acupuncture protocol for addiction and stress, peer support education  and interactive media. About Nada India…towards wellbeing : About Nada India…towards wellbeing NADA Center for addiction, education and development, supports the practice of acupuncture for detoxification, relapse prevention and recovery.NADA Center is involved in education and training for the use of a specific auricular acupuncture protocol in addiction treatment to relieve suffering during detoxification, prevent relapses and support recovery. Nada Kerala Chapter : Nada Kerala Chapter NADA in India strives to make Acupuncture - based, barrier - free addiction treatment, accessible to all communities and to facilitate its integration with other treatment modalities.NADA is committed to ensure that the training and certification of Acupuncture detoxification Specialists meet clinical and ethical standards. NADA Kerala has been set up to ensure local consultations & general supervision Five Point treatment Protocol : Five Point treatment Protocol Dr.Ved Prakash NADA(ADS) : Dr.Ved Prakash NADA(ADS) Dr.Ajay Vats NADA (ADS) : Dr.Ajay Vats NADA (ADS) NADA Auricular Protocol : NADA Auricular Protocol ARPAN (Association of Recovering Peer Action Network : ARPAN (Association of Recovering Peer Action Network ARPAN is a NADA India supported project and it concerns the development of peer led treatment facilities for people with drug and alcohol problem by networking for reducing risk-taking behaviour related to drug abuse and HIV/AIDS among drug users. This project also aims to develop a quality improvement network of peer led treatment facilities to improve the care of service users. This network is of a major strategic significance because it provides a platform for the first time to bring more than nine peer led rehabilitation facilities together in a systematic way to discuss and improve the quality of the care they provide NADA India offers Training : NADA India offers Training A seventy-hour training course in a 5-point auricular (ear acupuncture) protocol and its application on recovery and mental health treatment. Acupuncturists, physicians, nurses, counselors, social workers, and other chemical dependency professions are eligible for training. Registered Trainers provides a standardized education program. Workshops, demonstrations and training's available regionally, nationally or at an individual's requirement. Annual Conference for updates and sharing, Continuing Education Units available. Consultation and Technical Assistance : Consultation and Technical Assistance Support for the creation of new programs domestically and regionally Opportunities to observe local programs. Consultation for treatment of diverse populations. Consultation for integrating the acupuncture component with existing services. Assistance in establishing Drug treatment and rehabilitation services in correction settings. Slide 23: Contact: vsuneel@gmail.com 09810259071,www.nadaindia.info http://towardswellbeing.blogspot.com/

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