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Published on November 28, 2007

Author: Edolf

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Networking on social inclusion:  Networking on social inclusion The role of NGOs in tackling poverty and social exclusion: Aims and achievements of the European Anti Poverty Network Istanbul, April 2006 Michaela Moser Slide3:  Overview EU inclusion policies EAPN Lobbying the EU Using the Structural Funds Creating public awareness Political participation of people in poverty Key challenges Slide4:  EU inclusion policies EU poverty programmes 1-3 (1975 - 1994) Amsterdam Treaty (1997) The Lisbon Agenda/Strategy 2000 (-2010) The OMC on Employment … on Social Protection and Social Inclusion The OMC on Inclusion The (re-vised) Social Agenda (2006-2010) (includes plan for a Community intiative on minimum income schmemes; better labour market policies; 2010 Year of combating exclusion and poverty) Structural Funds (new regulations 2007-2013) Slide5:  The Lisbon Agenda and the promise, «to make a decisive impact on the eradication of poverty by 2010 » The Lisbon agenda (2000): a new strategic goal for the next decade “The Union shall become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion” Economic Growth Employment Social Cohesion Slide6:  EAPN development, structure, principles EAPN was founded in 1990 and is now a network of: 21 national networks of anti-poverty NGOs and grassroots groups (in the EU) European-wide organisations mainly active on poverty and social exclusion The General Assembly meets annually and elects a 24-member Executive Committee for three years. EAPN works on the principles of rights, participation, mainstreaming, partnership and solidarity Slide7:  AIMS and OBJECTIVES  To empower people and communities facing poverty and social exclusion to access their rights, to enable them to overcome their isolation and counter their social exclusion  To put the fight against poverty and social exclusion high on the political agenda of the European Union  To promote and enhance the effectiveness of actions agianst poverty  To lobby for and with people and groups facing poverty and exclusion How does EAPN lobby the EU?:  How does EAPN lobby the EU? EUROPEAN COMMISSION EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT COUNCIL MEMBER STATES TASK FORCES STRATEGIC GROUPS SEMINARS NATIONAL NETWORKS EUROPEAN ORGANISATIONS EU initiative Proposals Lobbying Slide9:  LOBBYING THE EU The Social Inclusion Strategy as an example Introduction of the strategy Common Objectives Contributing to and monitoring the NAPsincl Identifying strengths and weaknesses Publishing recommendations Slide10:  The NAPsincl have … kept a focus on poverty strengthened policy co-ordination institutionalised dialogue and named participation improved information-flow and comparative data Slide11:  BUT … Little political energy: where is the drive to ‘make a decisive impact on the eradication of poverty by 2010’? Few new policies or targets reports not plans Little impact - lack of sincerity and mainstreaming Poor emphasis on rights ‘A job at any price’ Little participation Lack of visibility Slide12:  Using the Structural Funds New structural funds period (2007-2013) Emphasis on the “jobs and growth” agenda Lack of social inclusion priorities Lack of good governance (and NGO involvement) The UK model (214,9 mio for 1052 projects in 2003/04) The Hungarian experience Slide13:  Political participation of people experiencing poverty Openess, transparency, solidarity and accountability The Belgium “dialogue group method” Dutch client councils The Austrian project “Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur” European meetings of people experiencing poverty (exchange, capacity building, policy making) Slide14:  Creating public awareness A campaign for the European elections (2004) SOS Europe campaign (2005) Media work and public action at national level Slide15:  Key challenges Countering myths - economic growth is not synonym of a healthy society - employment is not the ‘cure’ to poverty Strengthening minority rights Facing enlargement More global perspective (greater impact on economic, employment, financial and other policies) Slide16:  Key challenges New ways of EU governance - Stronger role of European and National Parliaments - Better participation of people experiencing poverty - NGO as key actors A European Observatory on Poverty Re-discuss and -define poverty; further develop indicators, data sources, statistics Develop Social Standards Stronger commitment to a social Europe and the necessary rights based policies Slide17:  “The poor cannot wait!” From promise to reality Strong commitment to building a social Europe where poverty and exclusion are eradicated. Insight that “job and growth” won’t automatically bring a good life for all. A Europe of “social” member states (all implementing effective meassures to fight poverty and social exclusion. Visible improvement/change of the day to day reality of people experiecing poverty. EAPN calls on all relevant actors to join us in the fight towards building a social Europe for all! European Anti Poverty Network:  European Anti Poverty Network What is it? What does it look like? What does it do? www.eapn.org

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