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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: Junyo

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The Feasibility of Vacuum Sewer Implementation In Venice, Italy :  The Feasibility of Vacuum Sewer Implementation In Venice, Italy Martin Felices, Lauren Goodfellow, Jay Johnston, Sonali Maheshwary Advisors: Prof. John Zeugner, Ing. Fabio Carrera Sponsor: Alan Hassett, Oak Hill Company Ltd. Purpose of the Study:  Purpose of the Study To examine the feasibility of implementing the HIFLOTM vacuum sewer into the historical and marginal areas of Venice. To collect data and gather information about vacuum sewer implementation in Venice. To determine feasibility on a cost, applicability and social impact level. Current Sewerage System Components:  Current Sewerage System Components Sedimentation tanks located within house foundations separates the light and heavy sewage Collettori large brick or cement troughs run underneath the streets Sbocchi sewage outlets located along the canal walls Fognature Design:  Fognature Design Current Failures of the Sewerage System in Venice:  Current Failures of the Sewerage System in Venice Plan of Renovation :  Plan of Renovation City is divided into two areas Repairs spanned over a duration of 23 years Estimated cost: £ 818 billion Vacuum Sewers:  Vacuum Sewers HIFLOW TM:  HIFLOW TM Patented by Alan Hassett High-tech features -Shallow pipelines -Air tight -High-lift -OTS hardware Section Breakdown:  Section Breakdown Test Sites:  Test Sites Santa Maria Formosa Model for upscale Historical area Residential with some tourism Santa Marta Request of the city Residential Option 1:  Option 1 Vacuum piping within the canals surrounding the entire island Option 1 (continued):  Option 1 (continued) Interfaced at sbocchi where collettori decant into canals Option 2:  Option 2 Vacuum piping alongside the collettori Sewage valves placed at interceptor points as manholes in the streets Option 3:  Option 3 Vacuum piping goes up underneath the house foundations Sewage valves placed in the sedimentation tanks Santa Maria Formosa Schematics:  Santa Maria Formosa Schematics Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Santa Maria Formosa Chart:  Santa Maria Formosa Chart Santa Maria Formosa Costs:  Santa Maria Formosa Costs Option 1 £372 million Option 2 £1.06 billion Option 3 £1.4 billion Slide18:  Santa Marta Schematics Option 2 Option 3 Santa Marta Chart:  Santa Marta Chart Slide20:  Santa Marta Costs Option 2 £290 million Option 3 £534 million Upscale Implementation:  Upscale Implementation Water consumption is equivalent to the sewage flow Collection tanks range from 13,000 to 20,000 liters 24 collection stations placed accordingly Cost Analysis of Upscale Implementation :  Cost Analysis of Upscale Implementation Social Impacts:  Social Impacts Survey feedback The sewerage system is failing (69%) Sewage treatment is desired (82%) A slight increase in noise would be acceptable (62%) A raise in taxes is opposed (77%) Relay Network System:  Relay Network System Piping terminates at Ferrovia and Stazione Marittima Ready to be pumped out of the city Total cost for network: £57 Billion Designed for worst-case scenario Pumping off of Venice:  Pumping off of Venice Conclusions:  Conclusions Conclusions (continued):  Conclusions (continued) Option determination matrix was made Total costs: Recommendations for Further Study:  Recommendations for Further Study Relay network within Venice Pumping sewage to the mainland

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