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Information about E1αταλαντη

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: roulax

Source: slideshare.net


εικονες αταλαντη

Atalanti A beautiful town in central Greece.

The map of Greece

Lamia is the capital city of the region.

The statue of Atalanti

One version of the myth • Atalanti was the daughter of Iasio and • Klymeni.Her father left her in the forest when she was born because he didn’t want a girl! .So Atalanti was raised by a bear.Later, some hunters found her and took her .There she learnt how to hunt.Also she didn’t want to get married! Finally,she got married to the man who managed to win her in a race

This is the town from above

• Atalanti is 146km away from Athens,the capital. • There are about 5,000 people here.

This is Mt Roda.

Can you see the sea? The main part of the town is 6km away from it.

The smaller part of the town is next to the sea.It’s called Skala.

This is the beach. A lot of people swim here.

The sailing club.

The church of St Theodore in the central square

The town hall

Pictures from the archeological museum.

An old house…

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