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Published on April 23, 2008

Author: coroarea

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Iraq war and oil : Iraq war and oil By Eric Strauss Is the US ripping Iraq off? : Is the US ripping Iraq off? The US have conned Iraqi people into buying weapons with their oil, but the weapons aren’t even that great Most of the oil and petrol that actually reaches Iraq is watered down Slide 3: Bagdad is under pressure to pass the oil law which would hand long term control of Iraq's energy to foreign multinationals The U.S.A drive nearly a third of cars in the world. They need Iraq’s oil to keep their country up and running and they won’t get it without scamming and using force Slide 4: Ever since the U.S invaded Iraq 2.0 million Iraqi have fled their country either from the bombs or having no food or power Even though President Bush sends money for the Iraqi people most of it never reaches them corruption : corruption My opinion of the war : My opinion of the war I think that America has totally ripped Iraq off. They have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi children, take their oil and they still get away with it.

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