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Published on December 25, 2008

Author: s_neha24

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WELCOME TO THE intriguing WORLD OF… : WELCOME TO THE intriguing WORLD OF… Learn, test, Interact and lots more... What is TESTING? : What is TESTING? The basics… TESTING!! : TESTING!! OBJECTIVES: ASSESSMENT, ENSURING MINIMUM STANDARDS, TO ASSESS OR MEASURE A SPECIFIC ABILITY OR CHARACTERISTIC HOW IS IT ACHIEVED: PROPERLY DESIGNED/STRUCTURED TESTS COVERING ALL AREAS REQUIRING ATTENTION, RESPONSING TO EXISTING EVALUATION STANDARDS TYPES OF TESTING : TYPES OF TESTING TRADITIONAL TESTING - DONE AT SCHOOLS, IS OFFLINE, STATIC, UNIVERSAL. COMPUTER-BASED TESTING: OFFLINE – CD-BASED, ETC. ONLINE – INTERNET/INTRANET-BASED TESTING. OFFLINE VS. ONLINE TESTING : OFFLINE VS. ONLINE TESTING OFFLINE TESTING STATIC/ MONOTONOUS LIMITATIONS IN SIZE OF DATABASE LIMITATIONS IN TECHNOLOGIES USED NON-INTERACTIVE BENCHMARKS CANNOT BE IMPLEMENTED ONLINE TESTING DYNAMIC BIGGER AND REGULARLY UPDATED DATABASE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES CAN BE EASILY IMPLEMENTED PERFORMANCE CAN BE EASILY COMPARED RESOURCE IS AVAILABLE UNIVERSALLY IMPORTANCE/BENEFITS OF ONLINE TESTING : IMPORTANCE/BENEFITS OF ONLINE TESTING ALL COMPETITIVE EXAMS ARE SLOWLY MOVING TOWARDS THE ONLINE ASSESSMENT SYSTEM GREATER REACHOUT TO TARGET AUDIENCE EASY TO CREATE COMPARATIVE BENCHMARKS EASIER AND COST-EFFECTIVE FORM OF TESTING ANYTIME-ANYWHERE TESTING HELPS COUNTER THE TIME CRUNCH OFFERS VARIETY IN TERMS OF DATABASE, QUESTION TYPES INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS PROMOTES SELF-EVALUATION BOTH TEACHERS AND PARENTS CAN ACCESS AND ASSESS THE PERFORMANCE OF THE STUDENTS UNIFORMLY AND WITH TRANSPARENCY Slide 7: STUDENTS CAN TAKE TESTS REPETITIVELY UNTIL MASTERY IS ACHIEVED COMPLETE ANALYSIS OF THE STUDENTS’ PERFORMANCE HIGHLITING STRENGTHS AND WEEKNESSES GEOGRAPHICAL INDEPENDENCE COMPARATIVE RESULTS CAN BE GENERATED FOR THE THOUSANDS OF PARTICIPANTS TATKING TESTS ONLINE MORE ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY – REDUCES WASTE (PAPER, CDs, etc.) CUSTOMISED/DYNAMICALLY GENERATED QUESTION PAPERS FROM THE DATABASE FULFILLING DESIRED CRITERIAS. DIFFICULTY AND SKILL ORIENTATION TAGGING OF QUESTIONS POSSIBLE IN THE DATA BANK. A SECURE, PRIVATE ASSESSMENT ENVIRONMENT HELPS STUDENTS BECOME GLOBALLY EXPOSED TO COMPETITIVE KNOWLEDGE HELPS STUDENTS SPOT THEIR KNOWLEDGE ORIENTED VULNERABILITIES HELPS STUDENTS COPE WITH EXAM ANXIETY Edulabz International : Edulabz International A technology driven knowledge based organisation Using technology to empower students Helping students realize their true potential Applies contemporary solutions augmenting to the students’ learning experience and ensuring global knowledge outreach Delivering customised benefits of online learning log onto http://www.testlabz.com : log onto http://www.testlabz.com Why testlabz.com : Why testlabz.com web-based testing platform targeted towards students of classes 3 to 10 in CBSE schools focus on Mathematics and Science specifically designed to help students build on their concepts develop rational approach to problems strengthen their logical & analytical skills Test @ testlabz…DECODED : Test @ testlabz…DECODED follows MCQ model of testing question bank classification: chapter-wise topic-wise different difficulty levels easy, average and difficult according to ability required for answering understanding of concepts logical/analytical/reasoning skills application & advanced problem solving skills Test @ testlabz… moving on : Test @ testlabz… moving on customisable test modules detailed test results graphical analysis of questions attempted explanation of answers to each question subscription costs work out to as low as …… fils/dirhams per day allows students’ to pace their revision so they don’t just cram before examinations Class 4, Knowledge, Mathematics : Class 4, Knowledge, Mathematics Class 7, Understanding, Mathematics : Class 7, Understanding, Mathematics Class 9, Application, Mathematics : Class 9, Application, Mathematics Class 5, Knowledge, Science : Class 5, Knowledge, Science Class 8, Understanding, Science : Class 8, Understanding, Science Class 10, Application, Science : Class 10, Application, Science STRUCTURE OF TESTS : STRUCTURE OF TESTS CHAPTER WISE TESTS 3 TESTS ON EACH CHAPTER OF 20 QUESTIONS FOR EACH SUBJECT 2 ADDITIONAL TESTS SUBJECT TO PERFORMANCE IN PRIOR TESTS TERM WISE TESTS 4 CUSTOMISABLE TESTS OF 40 QUESTIONS FOR EACH SUBJECT Test reports @ testlabz.com : Test reports @ testlabz.com The test shows the students’ performance in two ways: Graphical representation- % of correct, incorrect and unattempted questions Analytical report- Comparative of knowledge, logical and application skills, bringing forth the areas of strength and weakness. Review Answers marks out topic wise performance, correct answers, overall percentile as well as explanation to all answers Scorecard @ testlabz.com : Scorecard @ testlabz.com Scorecard @ testlabz.com : Scorecard @ testlabz.com Question Bank… Learn more every time : Question Bank… Learn more every time Exhaustive coverage of study material Chapter and Subject wise division of content To be used as both Revision and Reference material Wide array of Q&A in MCQ format Ask A Teacher…Just in time curriculum support : Ask A Teacher…Just in time curriculum support Get questions answered from Subject Matter Experts Academic support from Subject Matter Experts Flexibility to approach subject matter expert 24*7 Query replied at the earliest Email based query address Other Attractive Options @ testlabz.com : Other Attractive Options @ testlabz.com Redeemable points based activities Friend invitations and networking options Post a Question for Discussion Forum Answer Quiz for the Day/ Week/ Month and win prizes Ask and answer Questions team@ testlabz.com : team@ testlabz.com Senior team @ testlabz has substantial hands-on educational experience in schools HODs, teachers… Includes respected authors, editors, educational consultants… Strong technical and backhand support As we conclude… : As we conclude… The e-testing and other support @ testlabz.com helps students to become globally competitive in this Knowledge era. Quality students generated, equipped to meet the challenging requirements of the emerging knowledge economy. The standard and exposure of the students to information increases The quality of students coming out of the portal is more enriched in terms of conceptual knowledge, skill and application based exposure. Slide 28: “Education system has not changed but role of student, teacher and institution has changed.”

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