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Published on January 31, 2009

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E Grama The Rural Information Gateway Of Orissa

Orissa Review * January - 2006 e-grama The Rural Information Gateway of Orissa (The Community Based Information Technology for Rural Mass) R.K. Dash Nabin K. Naik Collector and others, it benefits citizens immensely Introduction as these information are put on intranet website. Electronic Governance is the application of An indivisual can visit the village kiosk and see Information Technology to the processes of for himself. The secrecy is succeeded by Government functioning to bringa bout Simple, transparency. Information on projects are Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent accessible for everyone to see and comment. Governance. The e-grama project implemented Duplicacy is removed as village-wise database at Ganjam district, the first of its kind in Orissa are continuously updated. This brings in preventive was conceived as a pilot project to bring the vigilance through e-grama. Anybody can see any benefits of Information and Communication information anywhere. We have noticed that many Technology (ICT) to all the common people of concepts of governance have automatically come the District and different Government offices in with computerization, networking and storing situated at Block, Sub-division and District level. vast information step by step. The e-grama project is unique for its simplicity and easy quot;e-gramaquot; is basically an Intranet Portal, operational procedure. The hardware is already having some static and dynamic pages with in place and operational. The software for the said Intranet e-mailing facility among different users project has been indigenously developed virtually of the Intranet. It not only makes the administrative for no cost, within a period of six months. The process smoother but also brings the common software and hardware alongwith the creation of people of the district closer to the official human resources at end-user level were created information and helps themselves in the field of by in-house professionals. A data warehouse has decision making. It brings in transparency, been created storing more than 4 lakh records accountability as both micro and macro results on various schemes related to block and villages are accessible at district level in easier operable by our own block staffs by providing them forms. It brings in both efficiency and effectiveness appropriate training. in managing day to day development affairs including dealing with false scandalizing reports The e-governance is a new phenomenon which is very common in present day politics or as we believe on evolutionary process, as per our otherwise, against block or subdivision or district experience. Governance is undoubtedly seen to authorities. In addition to benefiting District be improved by using IT. Our Government takes 83

Orissa Review * January - 2006 offices and different villages. Neheru Yuva Kendra adequate care to improve the standard of living Sangathan (NYKS) volunteers organized training of common people with a sole objective to programmes in villages through their ITRY centres eradicate poverty. But unfortunately the objectives of different poverty alleviation schemes to create computer awareness among the rural introduced by both central and state Government mass. are not properly disseminated to the common Introduction About NYK & NIC mass. The Indira Awas Yajona (IAY) beneficiaries Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan is an of the villages are not able to know the exact autonomous body under the Ministry of Youth amount received from the Government at a Affairs, Govt. of India. The principal function of particular time and the amount due to receive. the NYK is to establish and encourage activities The villagers are not aware, who are the actual of the youth groups of the rural areas to bring beneficiaries of different social security them to the mainstream of National development programmes. Even the villagers are not aware of through the programmes like health, education, the formats for applying different development training, organisation of sports and cultural schemes. For all these small things they have to programme, pollution control, drug abuse, HIV/ run to the District or Block Head quarters. It AIDS awareness and self employment programme generally takes lot of time for sending information through vocational training and SHG etc. from G.Ps to Blocks, Blocks to Sub-division and District Head quarters for compilation and National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a decision making. To resolve some of these issues premier S & T organisation of the Government quot;e-gramaquot; was conceived. of India in the field of Informatics Services and Information Technology (IT) applications, and has Different groups were formed to visit been instrumental in steering Information and villages to discuss with the villagers regarding their CommunicationTechnology (ICT) applications in information needs. The schemes were then Government Departments at Central, State and finalized, for which information would be available Districts in Government Services, wider on the Intranet. The information which will be used transparency in Government functions, and by the villagers are given in the local language improvement in decentralised planning and quot;Oriyaquot; and information generally used by different management. To facilitate this, NIC has Government offices are given in English. It was established a nationwide ICT Network - NICNet decided to go for Intranet based application - with gateway nodes in Central Government instead of Internet. The existing cost effective OFC Departments, 35 State / UT Secreetariats, and in lines were tested for e-connectivity at different almost all 602 District Collectorates for providing locations. Computer training programmes were IT services. The Government has designated the arranged at district level, for training adequate nationwide Computer-Communication Network, number of Government Officials to create key -NICNET, as the Government Network. NIC resource persons for computer training. These key was set up with the objective to promote resource persons organised different computer economic, social, scientific and technological training programmes at Block and G.P. level for activities, and also for macro-economic creating several computer literates in different 84

Orissa Review * January - 2006 adjustment programme of the Government, The 'e-gramaquot; Virtual Network through the applications of IT. The quot;e-gramaquot; project revolves around a Hardware Used for the Portal network of computers and people, which we term as the quot;e-gramaquot; virtual network. Server Configuration : Pentium III 1.6 Mhz, 512 MB RAM, 36 GB dual hard disk, 1.44 FDD, Cost Analysis 24 GB DAT drive and 42X CD writer for data The entire expenditure for the quot;e-gramaquot; is back-up. The server has Windows 2000 server given from available DRDA and Block funds for as its operating system with SQL-2000 RDBMS. monitoring. Since the project is utilizing the Client Configuration : Pentium-IV 1.5 Mhz, existing computers at district and Tahasil level, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD, 1.44 MB FDD, the total cost for the new hardware of the project CD writer for Data backup, 4 USB ports, 56.6 was 30 Lakh rupees only. Kbps external Modem and equipped with multimedia facilities. The client end has Windows The cost involved in customized software 98 as its operating system. and training is zero, as everything was done in There are 22 clients provided at Block level house. The important aspect of the project is self- Kiosks, 3 nos of clients at Sub-division level financing of all quot;e-gramaquot; IT Kiosks. Kiosk, 10 no of clients at Tahasil Level and 70 At each quot;e-gramaquot; Kiosk, there is a P.C. no. clients at Village level Kiosks which are running Client machine with Windows 2000 or above OS, with the help of NYKS. In addition to this 19 no. one printer, one Modem and one telephone. The of clients at DRDA Chhatrapur, 15 clients at different sections of Collectorate, 8 no of clients total cost of the hardware is about Rs.50,000/ . at Revenue Divisional Commisisoner Office are The cost of the hardware is borne by the youth connected to the quot;e-gramaquot; network. clubs in villages / voluntary organizations working in the villages, ITRY centres run by NYKS at Remote Access Server (RAS) : villages and in some villages by individuals also. I. There are three RAS with 9 Ports All the quot;e-gramaquot; KIOSKS are run by computer connected to the 16 port switch, which is in turn qualified or trained unemployed youths of the local connected to the CISCO 800 Router, which is village. connected to the 128 KBPS DAMA VSAT at NIC Berhampur. Six telephones are presently Item Cost connected with the RAS for dial-up connection. Cost for initial site preparation, II. There are two number of RAS with 6 Ports electrification, furniture, telephone, computer and peripheral equipment connected to the 48 port switch at DRDA (All e-grama Kiosks have their own Chhatrapur. Four telephones are presently available buildings) Rs.50000/- connected with the RAS for dial-up connection. quot;e-gramaquot; software provided quot;free Software Used for the Portal of Costquot; developed by NIC, Berhampur Free quot;e-gramaquot; is designed using HTML, Training, Literacy Certificate & DHTML, ASP, JS, MS-Access and MS-SQL- Technical support provided by Nehru Yuva Kendra & NIC Berhampur Free 2000. 85

Orissa Review * January - 2006 Monthly Income & Expenditure of e-grama IT KIOSK Expenditure Income 1. Electricity charge Rs.300/- 1. Computer Literacy Training to the Rs.3,500/- local Youth, Employees, Business man, SHG members etc. @ of Rs.50/- to Rs.200/- 2. Telephone bill Rs.300/- 2. Selling of Forms and different services information on Govt. schemes & others as per the chart given bellow Rs.1000/- 3. Honorarium of IT Volunteer Rs.1500/- 3. Job typing & Data Processing Rs.1000/- 4. Printing & Paper Cost Rs.800/- 4. Income from Internet use Rs.100/- Total Rs.2900/- Total : Rs.5600/- Average Monthly Income : Rs.5600 - Rs.2900 = Rs.2700/- For economic viability of the Kiosks, they are provided with a rate chart for selling different forms to the villagers and for providing various services to the villagers. Computer training on fundamentals of computer and MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint is provided to the villagers at a low cost for which certificate is awarded by NYKS at the village KIOSK. For generating more revenue, the KIOSKS are undertaking DTP and data entry work. Price Chart Sl.No. Service Name Retail Tariff Processing Time (In Rupees) 1. Grievance Redressal 5 7 days 2. Govt. Application Forms 2 per page in DMP Immediate 5 per page in laser 3. Village Information 2 Immediate 4. Guidelines 2 per page in DMP Immediate 5. BPL List 5 per page 2 days 6. Internet use 30 per hour Minimum 15 per hour 7. Other services 5 Immediate Data Management the IIS for running quot;e-gramaquot; portal at their local machine. Every month, one updated CD is To start with, each quot;e-gramaquot; KIOSK is provided to the KIOSKs through the computer provided a Compact Disk (CD) from NIC operator of the block offices. Whenever they need Berhampur, containing the quot;e-gramaquot; portal. All the latest information or want to send e-mail to are given adequate training, sponsored by NYKS officials of district administration or below, they Berhampur, on how to copy the CD and configure 86

Orissa Review * January - 2006 connect to the quot;e-gramaquot; intranet portal through block/tahasils from village KIOSKS for modem, which is ported on a server at NIC sending their grievances and their redressal. Berhampur and DRDA Chhatrapur. They are * Villagers can watch regular important news provided authenticated user ID and passward to and events which are flashed on the intranet access the intranet portal. web page. Presently seventy plus Kiosks are working * The information of products / services and are evenly distributed on the geographical area provided by Self Help Groups (SHG) are of the District. Each Kiosk is meant for catering kept on internet / intranet for better market the services for three to four surrounding G.Ps. price. There are 475 G.Ps in the district. It is proposed * Prevailing Government rates of important to have around 150 Kiosks in the district. agricultural produces are provided for Services Provided at the quot;e-gramaquot; Kiosks knowledge of the farmers for better market * Different Govt. forms in Oriya and English price. are sold. * The detail village amenities are provided * Detail Household survey information of all through VICS database. the villages of the district. * Village-wise list of beneficiaries for * KIOSK helps the villagers to know about schemes like Annapurna, Antodya Anna the various developmental programmes and Yojana, TPDS, APL and BPL are schemes that are undertaken in their village provided. with Financial and Physical parameters. * Details of targeted Public Distribution * Villagers come to know about the eligibility System (GP-Wise) and distribution of rice requirement and some frequently asked and sugar are provided. questions about OAP, NOAP, ODP and * Details of retail centres, Sub-wholesaler of SGSY schemes. It displays the names of Kerosene oil and its Storage Agents is the villagers who are receiving the benefits provided. of the above schemes. * The village wise resources as well as assets * It facilitates the display of all the necessary created through different Government guidelines and action plan of the district on schemes are kept on the site for ready the intranet for use of common people. reference. * Villagers could know vital and basic village * All the guidelines and booklets prepared wise land schedules which give the details by Govt. for different programms in Oriya of village wise irrigated, non-irrigated land, like Agriculture, Health, Education, non-agricultural land and category wise Sanitary Programme, Drinking Water etc Government land (Gochara, Communal are provided at the KIOSK. lands, Abada Jogya Anabadi (AJA) and Abada Ajogya Anabadi (AAA) etc. * Information regarding use of Indian System of Medicine, using common herbs and * Villagers can exchange e-mail between roots available in the village are provided. DRDA, Collectorate, Sub-Collectors and 87

Orissa Review * January - 2006 Bridging the Digital Divide Additional Services to be Provided at the quot;e-gramaquot; KIOSKS : It is reported by most of the quot;e-gramaquot; IT KIOSK, that the e-learning package of * Schemes for different youth clubs and quot;e-gramaquot; is running very successfully at villages, NGOs will be made available in the portal. as the cost of each course is Rs.100/- per month * Documents related to Land Records may and the certificate is provided by NYKS, be provided on the spot at KIOSKS at Berhampur. We are in touch with IGNOU and minimum cost, once the KIOSKS are DOEACC for declaring our quot;e-gramaquot; IT allowed to access the Land Record Data. KIOSKS as their study centre for providing * Caste certificates and other related quot;Computer fundamentalquot; courses, for which they certificates may be provided using the Land have provisionally agreed. Record Data. Vision * List of BPL/APL families will be provided The quot;e-gramaquot; IT KIOSKS concept will once the cut off mark for BPL is announced be replicated in all the 30 districts of Orissa. Each by Govt. block will be covered having one KIOSK in every 3 to 4 panchayats. It will help large number of * Registration of Birth & Death. rural educated youths to become e-literates as * Teachers' Provident Fund well as self-employed through this venture. The * Pension IT KIOSKS will act as a Information Centre for the common man and unemployed youths in rural * Land Valuation & Registration Information. areas. * Subsidy on Fertilisers / Pesticides and Cropping Pattern. R.K. Das is the Technical Director, Department of I.T., * Can be used as a Help Line during Elections Government of India, NIC, Berhampur. (Voter lists, Identity cards, Polling Booths Nabin K. Naik is the Regional Co-ordinator, Min Y & etc.) AS, Government of India, NYKS, Berhampur. Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik witnessing Pata Chitra at Raghurajpur on 1.1.2006. Shri Debasis Nayak, Minister, Information & Public Relations, Sports & Youth Services is also present. 88

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