E-government services for ICT development in Iraq

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Information about E-government services for ICT development in Iraq

Published on December 18, 2013

Author: OECDpsd

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Presented at the 5th Meeting of the Working Group on Investment Zones in Iraq, MENA-OECD Investment Programme. 28 April 2013, Cairo, Egypt


About Egypt – – – – – – Population 84+ M Fixed Phone lines penetration 13.42% Mobile phone Penetration 110% Percentage of Internet users 38 % Number of Gov. employees 6+ M Credit Card holders 2.5M www.egypt.gov.eg 2 2/11

MSAD Programs Government Services Portal Developing Government Services Program Gov Resource Planning (GRP) National Databases Government Entities International BENCHMARKS Citizens Institutional Development www.egypt.gov.eg 3 3/11

GSDP | Program Overview • PROGRAM VISION “An effective government services framework to satisfy citizens/providers, with the assertion of transparency and integrity.“ • PROGRAM MISSION “Facilitate the delivery of government services by simplifying the access and the process behind it, and leveraging the success of other MSAD programs to reinforce the efficiency and effectiveness of the government units with the aim to reach citizen satisfaction all within a transparent environment.” www.egypt.gov.eg 4 4/11

GSDP | Strategic Directions BAWABA www.egypt.gov.eg New access methods (Mobile, Call Centers, Street Outlets) By publishing governmental job vacancies on BAWABA, automate the permits/ license process, introduce mobile notifications on etenders. Through public private partnerships, mobile services, and other schemes to be introduced once suitable environment, proper ecosystem and approved legal system are provided. Developing simple procedures of obtaining permits, establishing methods on satisfying the citizens through “citizens centric concept”, and providing citizens with the digital signature service. www.egypt.gov.eg www.egypt.gov.eg 5 5/11

GSDP | Services Delivery Channels Providing different channels to deliver government services to the citizen, to choose which suits him/her, and to be delivered at the desired location. www.egypt.gov.eg 6 6/11

GSDP | Services Delivery Channels – Cont’d Public Services Outlets BAWABA 500 Kiosks 200 Postal Offices 6 Centers (Social gathering: Clubs, Universities… etc) 500 Centers (in partnership with Public Sector) 130 Graduates & NGOs One Service Provider Window Courts Municipaliti es Prosecution s Offices 180 eServices Customs 737 Services’ forms University Enrollment e-Service …etc New Channels Gov Jobs Portal (58,000 Subscriber) Doctors Charging Service (10,000 Beneficiaries) E-Tenders (3,000 Subscriber) www.egypt.gov.eg SMS WAP 7 Call Centers 7/11

GSDP | Services Provided www.egypt.gov.eg 8 8/11

GSDP | Sample Services Citizen Citizen q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q Business Business Jobs portal (www.jobs.gov.eg) Jobs portal (www.jobs.gov.eg) Car license renewal Car license renewal Courts services Courts services Issuance of official documents Issuance of official documents (birth, death, marriage, (birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc…) divorce, etc…) National ID card replacement National ID card replacement University enrolment University enrolment applications applications Car tickets payment and Car tickets payment and appeal appeal e-Tax declarations e-Tax declarations e-Booking (Train/bus/opera e-Booking (Train/bus/opera house) house) q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q www.egypt.gov.eg Filing tax declarations Filing tax declarations Customs services (manifest Customs services (manifest submission – ImpEx) submission – ImpEx) Online purchase of Egyptian Online purchase of Egyptian quality standards quality standards Qualified-Industrial Zone Qualified-Industrial Zone request submission request submission Investment dispute settlement Investment dispute settlement Small & Medium Enterprise Small & Medium Enterprise Support Portal Support Portal www.business.gov.eg www.business.gov.eg Investment Portal Investment Portal www.investment.gov.eg www.investment.gov.eg E-Tenders E-Tenders www.etenders.gov.eg www.etenders.gov.eg 9 9/11

GSDP | Services Provided Judicial Procedure Development Court of Cassation Family Courts 34 e-Services 15 e-Services + 3 WAP services 32 e-Services 35 e-Services Appeal Courts 7/8 State Council Preliminary Courts Family Prosecution (Cairo) Administrative Prosecution 23/2 8 Traffic 14 e-Services Public Notary Forensic Medicine 6 Governorate s Expertize Authority Traffic Prosecution Criminal Prosecution (Cairo/Alex) www.egypt.gov.eg Police Stations 10 10/11

GSDP | Services Provided Citizen Engagement • CRM q Call center (19-468) / fax / e-mail / internet / snail mail q Over 1,000,000 cases annually q Resolution rate: over 90% • Internet portal blog (http://blog.egypt.gov.eg) • Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/EgyptGovPortal) • Twitter feed (EgyptGovPortal) • Focus groups www.egypt.gov.eg 11 11/11

GSDP | Services Provided Universities Enrollment Service is totally over the Internet Service cost: almost null Completely electronic (no paper work!) Do it anywhere, anytime Review your selections and change them if needed Allowed for extra service that were not feasible before! (transfer service) Average Call Center received calls: 350,000 Operation: 24*7 and over 70 call center agents No reported mistakes, hacking, or unavailability Starting 2007 Starting 2007 Until 2006 Until 2006 Number of Students: 380,000 /year Service cost (average): 200+ LE/student Totally paper forms Selections are final once submitted Due to the lengthy processes, transfer service (exchange of students between similar faculties) could only be provided the year after, i.e. students should enroll in their selected faculties and after one year they are eligible for transfer (high cost) Electronic submission: optional (for three years) 12 www.egypt.gov.eg 12/11

GSDP | Services Provided GAFI | Companies e-Establishment Companies establishment Duration within 3 days. Investor required one visit (Single-window) to General Authority for Investment and Free-zones. Roles of the establishment process merged & reduced. Egypt ranked 18 in the World Bank “Starting a Business’ report 2011. Until 2010 Until 2010 Starting 2011 Starting 2011 Companies establishment Duration 15-55 days. Investor required to do multiple visits to all involved Government entities. Several roles governing the establishment process. Egypt ranked 126 in the World Bank “Starting a Business’ report 2007. 13 www.egypt.gov.eg 13/11

GSDP | Services Provided Local Gov. Development www.egypt.gov.eg 14 14/11

Quality of Public Services UNPAN Indicators for Measuring E-Government Development Human Infrastructure Capital Index Online Service Overall Ranking Year 140 138 140 129 138 106 105 103 115 110 162 140 59 28 23 140 136 99 79 86 2003 2004 2005 2008 2010 146 105 29 107 2012 www.egypt.gov.eg 15 15/11

Online Services| UNPAN Report 2012 E-Participation Index: Ranked 7th (moved up from 42nd in 2010) 100% 100% 100% 79% 80% 64% 64% 59% 57% 60% 27% 40% 20% 0% Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Four E-Services Index; Egypt ranked 29th while Malaysia ranked 13th from 193 countries www.egypt.gov.eg 16 16/11

Thank you very much www.egypt.gov.eg 17 17/11

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